Truth and Justice

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Reviewed by Darth_Osmosis 9 / 10 / 10

Quintessential Estonian novel comes alive on the big screen!

The quintessential Estonian novel(or at least the first part of series of novels) has finally been adapted to the big screen. And it's for the most part a fitting and epic adaptation, true to the source material as well as being entertaining and thought provoking on it's own right. A great story is brought to life by good(at times great) acting, outstanding cinematography and never before seen production design and make-up effects for an Estonian film. The story transcends nationality and language and is worth checking out by anyone interested in good cinema and especially good stories!

Reviewed by mvider82 10 / 10 / 10

Love it (But Maybe Because I am Estonian)

For some reason I think think movie with its characters, storyline and background has the biggest effect on Estonians themselves. I just can not imagine the story (or the book that it is based on) has much impact on someone from US, Brazil or Thailand. It is difficult to explain why the somewhat depressing subject of the film (work, work, work without the reward, redemption and love) is so important for Estonians. It is just part of our cultural narrative and how Estonians view themselves I suppose. So Truth and Justice is one those films that you have to see if you want to get a glimpse into the hard-to-crack soul of our little country and its people. As everyone knows, Estonians do not like to praise (much like the characters in the movie in fact), so the simple fact that everyone I know loves this film, says more about it than any international praise may ever do.

Reviewed by jaakennuste 10 / 10 / 10

Tour de force

I almost cannot believe that Estonians have completed such a masterpiece. Tanel Toom should receive an award for creating a movie which unites all Estonians, regardless of their age, beliefs, or social status. The movie is a life in itself, over which characters change, your perception of them changes, and by the end it is hard to believe that all this changed so naturally and believably. I doubt anyone stepped out of the cinema without thinking through their own beliefs and attitude in the face of adversity or disappointment.

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