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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dave-145-515266 3 / 10 / 10

Solid Attempt Ruined by Maddening Dialogue

In the first 20 minutes the potential was there, primarily via Nick Fink's performance. Once the other actors take over as an ensemble seeking the titular character, their incessant, chirpy dialogue, most of which attempts to be funny but rarely lands, becomes excruciating. The Turner Risk drinking game would be to simply down a shot every time someone says: "What's that supposed to mean?!" You'd be unable to walk by the credits. Some flashes of quality here - but for the writer and director's next projects, they'd likely benefit from more time in the editing room and less time focused on making every character seem like they're amateur insult comics.

Reviewed by ck-46852 9 / 10 / 10

A Brilliant but Brutal Take on the Impact of Bullying

When we first meet Turner Risk (Nick Fink), he is plotting the first step in his master plan of revenge. We don't know exactly why yet, but the twists and turns of this intense, provocative thriller eventually explain it all. Shocked by his first senseless, unexpected murder, we start out hating Risk. Like the bullies who tormented him for so many years, we react to him rather than try to understand him. But by the end of the film, thanks to the sensitive screenplay by director Michael Dailey and Morgan Lintz, his dark motivation is revealed. Then we still may not like him, but at least we understand him. Countering Turner's fury is his only friend Robbie Cruz (Carlin James), who refuses at first to accept Turner's violent spree, but is eventually forced to confront it. Partnered with a new friend (Seth Cruz) and old enemy (Rory Hart), the bulk of the film follows their eventful search for the killer. Relationships are the primary focus of Turner Risk. Supporting each other is essential, the film suggests, but there is also power in how we constantly modify ourselves to fulfill that support. That makes this film more topical now than ever, as it explores troubled souls who are all seeking some sort of salvation. Unfolding over a roughly 24-hour period, the unique story builds its tension to an emotional climax. The actors so perfectly perform their roles that by the end of the film we seem to know them as real people, and we feel as if we have gone through this hellish day with them. Meticulously directed by Michael Dailey, every shot moves the story forward. Sean M. Brodie's cinematography is notable, and Dara Taylor's powerful score resonates throughout each scene. All these polished elements significantly boost this low budget thriller's production values. Yes, Turner Risk can be brutal because it wants to be real and not hold anything back. But we are treated to the alternative to all the violence, the unique bond of conflicted people coming together for a common cause. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by gaalswijk 9 / 10 / 10

character-driven and very human story

Turner Risk is definitely a nice surprise; it 's hard to get into the head of a serial killer... why he does what he does... In the case of Turner, well he never seems the right fit; which leads to a terrible path he is taking. I must say all the young actors did a great job in this movie. Some of the realistic violence must have hunted their dreams for quite a bit. I hope this movie will get some more viewers, it surely deserves it.

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