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Reviewed by lasttimeisaw 8 / 10 / 10

Film Review - Twilight's Kiss (2019) 8.0/10

"Pak, a taxi driver already passes the age of retirement, a habitué of a local tearoom, chances upon Hoi, a divorcé and Catholic convert, both have adult children and grandchildren. After consummating their carnal knowledge, they gradually develop feelings for each other, but as a married man, Pak is the one who has a tougher decision to make, whereas for Hoi, audience is explicitly intimated that his son Wan (Lo) has been knowing his secret all the time. While both meditating on a possible future living together as a same-sex couple, that giant leap takes much more than a steely determination and their unalloyed, mutual affection." read the full review on my blog: cinema omnivore, thanks

Reviewed by Goloh 9 / 10 / 10

Thoughtful and thought-provoking

This is a wonderful film. Anyone looking for action and high drama can go elsewhere. The (relatively) slow pacing is entirely in line with the personalities of the lead characters, and even the younger family members -- who always seem to be right on the edge of knowing more than they want to know -- are perfect for their roles. The Alpha Male in this couple (Pak) maintains one of the most understated and quietly confident demeanors I can recall in any film from recent years. It's not really a spoiler to say that he faces a challenge towards the end of the film that forces him to evaluate quite a bit about himself. His partner, Hoi, seems to have had more "life experience" (can I say it that way?) and they complement each other brilliantly. At the risk of saying something that might actually be a spoiler, I was honestly relieved that a storyline featuring two older men didn't wind up with one of them dying. Too many films take the easy way out and do that. So ... time very well spent watching this impressive entry. One more note: the English subtitles on the DVD I was watching were excellent and, as far as I could tell, caught the Cantonese innuendoes and references pretty well.

Reviewed by flcntk3-856-986017 9 / 10 / 10

A lot more than being "less than 10%"

Based on Kinsey's research, gay is about 10% of the population and to do a film on a subject that is a subgroup of that 10% is a bold move backed by strong conviction. Moonlight is one. It is about fending off discrimination of a minority within a minority with a story about being black and gay at the same time. Suk Suk is equally bold if not more so. It is our latest entry in this less than 10% arena. It is about the silver group of elderlies who lived their prime in a less accepting time and are now facing love, commitments and what is in front of them. In terms of approach, Moonlight is vibrant and sassy with dramatic peaks and valleys, Suk Suk on the other hand is calm and without too much of any surprising life's ripples. For that I must give it even more credit for being genuine and not creating unnecessary high drama out of the subject because over-milking would have been a cheap and easy way out. As a film, Suk Suk takes time to examine every blade of grass in the unremarkably plain of day to day living, and in doing so, the film becomes quite remarkable. The performances by Mr. Ben Yuen and Mr. Tai Bo is simply world class in their subtleties and realism. There are other well fitted artistic decisions in the project that sing in harmony with each other and for all the above reasons, it is a film I highly recommend.

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