Under the Riccione Sun


Comedy / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by faer_kr 7 / 10 / 10

Doesn't offer something new but entertains

An Italian romantic comedy. Put together various love stories of young adults that vary from vacation to a beach. Do you remember how "Roma with love" was linking the stories? Well this is exactly the same but without the script by Woddy Allen. Entertaining Quality. Predictable like all of its kind. It does not offer something that we have not seen before. Nice Sunday. Between the stories it brings one of a blind boy and that makes it slightly relevant.

Reviewed by sharkythehybrid 8 / 10 / 10

Vapid but it's a summer fun move

Alright so first review, yay. first of all, I noticed lorenzo zurzolo was in this and was kinda shocked. canadian things yk. OKAY SO, it's honestly not horrible, just dragged on for too long. It's a regular teen movie marked under... comedy?? what? uh, ok netflix. i thought it'd be ranked under romance / drama but it wasn't, which is odd because i didn't really laugh. like sure some snickers but other than that it was eh. Nice bright colours, if that's anything hehe. ROMANCE ASPECT i skipped through most of it, sorry. I stayed for vinc? the blind dude, he was ight but some jokes fell flat, flatter than the earth yk. his romance with the girl was okay, nothing amazing BECAUSE SHE CHEATED ON HER BOYFRIEND. LIKE?? it wasn't that deep or anything either. uh some stuff to do with flashing the families at the beach with their 5 yr old children running around as 20 year olds get naked, uh. might want to rethink that one? OKAY ANYWAYS, the rest of the romances didn't stand out, i can't even remember them. The storyline with the adults was fine, mom was sort of annoying though, like girlie chill its okay to have fun. OVERALL hot people in milan italy, bland but it's an okay watch when you're bored at home because of covid. ALSO IS IT NORMAL FOR GERMANS TO GO TO ITALY? I WATCHED SUMMERTIME ( ok movie, boring tho ) AND THE LOVE INTEREST FOR THE DUDE IS GERMAN. HUH???

Reviewed by draper-64726 8 / 10 / 10

Refreshing summer movie

My expectations about this movie weren't quite high to be honest. Surprisingly I've found out that I was wrong. The plot is nothing we haven't already seen elsewhere, but the vibes, the young actors, the soundtrack, everything contributes, piece by piece, to convey a sense of summer feeling. Even a non Italian user should watch this, ad maybe fall in love with our country ;)!

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