Undisputed 2: Last Man Standing

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Ben Cross as Nicholas Filiminov
Mark Ivanir as Gaga
Michael Jai White as Oil Worker
Scott Adkins as Tomcat
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Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 6 / 10 / 10

Welcome to the party, Scott Adkins

The second of the UNDISPUTED franchise, LAST MAN STANDING sees B-movie action specialist Isaac Florentine taking over from Walter Hill for what is a very different beast to the first. Gone are that film's cast, with Michael Jai White playing the hulking hero and taking over from Ving Rhames who played the same character in the first. It's still about martial arts tournaments in a Russian prison, but otherwise it's all change. The emphasis is on staging a series of brutal fight scenes both inside and outside of the ring, and they feature violent hits and extreme choreography. They're fantastic, to put it simply, and they help to lift what is otherwise an average plot and storyline into something special. Jai White is okay as the hero, although his character is perhaps a bit too hard to be very sympathetic, but then-newcomer Scott Adkins is the stand-out as his opponent, the Russian beast Boyka. It's amazing what Adkins does with his role here - his introduction in the ring alone had my eyes popping out of my head - and he would carry on the story with a further two sequels in which he would become the redemptive protagonist.

Reviewed by Harrison Tweed (Top Dawg) 10 / 10 / 10

A refreshing switch from the first instalment by adding Scott Adkins

As a fan of the (TV) martial arts skills of Wesley Snipes in his previous roles, the first instalment of this franchise was good, but not great. Add Scott Adkins with his (real) martial arts skills and (real) scary persona, and you have a great second instalment to this franchise! Everything about this film was top notch, the action, suspense, directing, writing, and of course the outstanding martial arts choreography. Undisputed 2 has set a new modern standard for bad-as* martial-arts films! A perfect 10/10!

Reviewed by Takethispunch 10 / 10 / 10

Superb martial arts flick

Some years after fighting Monroe "Undisputed" Hutchens in prison, former boxing champion George "Iceman" Chambers visits the Russian Federation for a series of boxing matches, where he is subsequently framed for possession of cocaine and once again sent to prison. There, he discovers a series of illegal mixed martial arts matches dominated by inmate Yuri Boyka. The prison officials arrange these fights and place large side-bets to make a personal profit, often at the expense of the fighters. Chambers shares a cell with Steven Parker, a British junkie. Mob boss Gaga and Warden Markov tell Chambers that if he fights Boyka, he will likely get an expedited appeal and early release. Chambers initially refuses, but after spending time in demeaning physical labor in the prison's sewer system and experiencing firsthand the brutality of the guards, he reluctantly agrees. He is rescued from both forms of humiliation by a wheelchair-bound inmate named Crot. Both fighters train hard for the match, though Chambers still relies on his boxing background while Boyka prepares a series of deadly kicks, throws, and grappling combinations designed to humiliate his opponent in the ring. Prior to the fight however, Boyka's gang force Steven, who is acting as Chambers' cornerman, to spike his water with a light sedative during the fight.

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