Unicorn Store


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by x-33664-85504 8 / 10 / 10

I might be the one single person who is the target audience of the movie

So objectively this movie is not so great, has many flaws and you will probably not like it. But I loved it and it devastated me with each simple message, like how hard it is to be loved and not doubt oneself when a person is just different and not in the holywoody good polished funny way or how is it to doubt own sanity and validity for it. The purity of the unicorn and the mess of the real live and whatnot. Yes the movie is not very good but I would still recommend it to anyone feeling a bit out of place most of the time. Also the love they have for each other in the family, combined with the inability to understand each other and the efforts they all put in it in their own ways is just gut wrenching and a strong good message of the movie, if nothing else.

Reviewed by anka-62640 5 / 10 / 10

Surprisingly emotional

I started watching this thinking it was more of a funny, bull crap fantasy concept, but found myself moved to tears by the end of it. Maybe it's just because I'm different, just like Kit, and I don't wanna grow up. Society feels like the depressing, gray and beige setting of her office - rigid and colourless. Individuals that stand out are pushed away instead of embraced. This movie might not be for everyone, and not everyone might get it, but for those of us feeling like we can't fit into the norm it really hits home. Brie Larson does an amazing job at both acting and directing, and Jackson is simply outstanding as the colourful salesman.

Reviewed by aidanratesmovies 5 / 10 / 10

An odd film that doesn't know how to be odd

Though the premise is loveably bold, and seemingly fun, Unicorn Store proves to be more awkward and poorly written than it would seem. Brie Larson is at most okay, in this even mess of a film, but its not nearly her acting that is concerning about this picture, but rather her stance as the director. The film seems tonally and emotionally off at times, and though you may want to blame it on the fact that it claims it is being weird, there is a big difference between being so and being random instead. It's not that being weird is necessarily a problem of the film either, but rather it doesn't seem to know how to do so. The film goes all over the place, not knowing what it wants to be, or what it wants to say most of the time. Samuel L. Jackson is by far the best part of this seemingly tv-made film, and makes the best of his poorly written lines/dialogue. In the end, Unicorn Store does make you believe in the magic it was trying to create. Only if it had a better way of getting to the message it was trying to convey, it just may prove to be a decent time. But instead, like the glitter it often uses, it just feels messy. My Rating: 4.75/10

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