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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fleck05-485-208981 2 / 10 / 10

Road Trip!

Road trip movies are always best when the characters hit the road with a goal in mind. Who can forget Hope and Crosby heading for Morocco, or Brian and Stewie heading for Morocco? In Unpregnant, Veronica hits up her former BFF, Bailey, to help her get to the nearest abortion clinic. Turns out the closest is hundreds of miles away in Albuquerque (that place where Bugs Bunny always misses his left turn). Like all good "Road To..." movies, madcap high jinx and hilarity ensues! Can these two former BFF's - now polar opposites - travel together without making each other crazy? Will Veronica decide to get an abortion, or carry her pregnancy to term and adopt her beautiful child out to a loving family? Well, the movie is called Unpregnant, so...

Reviewed by Patriickz 1 / 10 / 10

Leftist Propaganda

Don't even watch this lmao. This is pure leftist garbage propaganda.

Reviewed by wallahi-80926 1 / 10 / 10

Pure indoctrination of future generations

Veronica is this straight A, future Ivy league student that had bad luck, which is a very specific description; it is therefore safe to assume that a sizable chunk of the UNDERAGE female viewers (this movie is pg-13) can't relate to the character but only to the fact that they too can get pregnant. With that being the only one guaranteed common factor between Veronica and the young girls watching this propaganda; girls risk seeing pregnancies (and the living fetus) like bowel movements, just get it out and dispose of it. Total indoctrination, absolutely disgusting.

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