Up the Sandbox


Comedy / Drama

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Barbra Streisand as Judy Maxwell
George S. Irving as Geppetto
Lois Smith as Partita Dupea
Stockard Channing as Miriam Knight
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by divineangel 8 / 10 / 10

Barbara Streisand's Most Unique Film

Thanks to Irvin Kershner's assured surreal direction, Streisand gives a fine performance in a very unusual 1972 film. Filled with verite style dialogues and intense emotional confrontations amid bizarre fantasy sequences, UP THE SANDBOX is a treat for unaware viewers. Though the film actually espouses a rather conservative agenda, the characters don't go to extremes; they're rather real. It's easy to see how confused audiences must have been back in the day as the film subtly segues into Sttreisand's dream life. The fertility scene in Kenya actually is one of the worst while the guerilla attack on the Statue of Liberty with the WTC in the background will give you chills. Overall, a fascinating film with gorgeous cinematography by Gordon Willis. Non-Streisand fans can enjoy this just for the 70's style direction.

Reviewed by JasparLamarCrabb 8 / 10 / 10

Unknown Streisand?

Probably the best Barbra Streisand movie nobody has ever seen, director Irvin Kershner's expose of urban angst is funny and sad but ultimately uplifting. Streisand plays a NYC housewife, sick to death of her disengaged husband, impossible mother, and overall lack of confidence. She finds release in fantasies: one moment she's frolicking with a very surprising Fidel Castro and the next she's helping to blow up the Statue of Liberty. Streisand has rarely been better. Director Kershner gets a very toned down performance out of her. David Selby, as the husband, is duly caddish and Paul Benedict, Conrad Bain and Isabel Sanford have small roles. Benedict is particularly funny as an especially inept great white hunter!

Reviewed by ptb-8 8 / 10 / 10

Tops in Mops

This is true: I personally reissued this film into cinemas in Australia in 1997. Why? because it is a maligned and neglected minor film from someone you would not expect to produce it. Certainly SANDBOX was "the Barbra Streisand film you never saw" and it attracted more than a few curious ticketbuyers. Not a success at all in 1972 and subsequently forgotten, I felt it to almost be the Manhattan style Woody Allen film Barbra made instead. The fantasy scenes in particular are hilarious and most of the motherhood sadness effective and touching. It is a pity a lot of the Masai tribe fantasy scenes remained on the cutting room floor as they are too brief and hint at a lot more to enjoy. It clearly is a film for young mothers and sold that way works. Most men hate it. They do not even want to get it. Anyway, I staged a preview with newspaper promotions and ticket winners to a screening. It was packed. The film went over quite well (especially the home movie fantasy at the parents house) but became confusing and ended abruptly for this audience. As I walked from the screening I overheard two staggering 80 year old grannies: "Well what'dyathink?" croaked one to the other. The other stopped and looked at her friend: "Ergg..what dya expect for free". Again, SANDBOX got great press reviews but I think I used up most of my public at the preview. It folded after a month. However, now on DVD it is a prize possession of many female friends who have just had their first kid, as Babs had in the early 70s.

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