V.C. Andrews' Landry Family Pearl in the Mist



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November 22, 2021


Chad Willett as Bruce Bristow
Sage Linder as Abby
Sam Duke as Paul Tate
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 5 / 10 / 10

more of the same

This is the second movie in the series following Ruby. Wheelchair-bound Gisselle Dumas is bitter and schemes against her twin Ruby. They are both sent to Greenwood School for Girls which is run by Miss Ironwood who is prejudiced against swamp people. The story has certainly placed a couple of potential coupling in Ruby's path. I don't think all that is necessary or good for the story. They are never trying that hard. Louis should have been a straight forward friend from the start. Maybe Ruby could set him up with Abby and they can be a trio of friends. I do like Gisselle's scheming but she could do a few more schemes. She needs more screen time being evil but she gets overshadowed by the cartoon villainy of Ironwood. This is more of the same trashiness. That's both good and bad. I can almost read the trashy novel in between the lines. There is fun in trashiness.

Reviewed by skpn123 / 10

More delicious Melodrama

This is possible my favourite movie in the series. Ruby and Giselle are twins in the real world and they flow really nicely together with delicious sparks shooting everywhere. The storyline continues to be and over-the-top and extreme baloney. If this is your jam you will love it. Some great and complex interactions between good and evil are showcased.

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