Vampire Diary

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Pablo-60 9 / 10 / 10

Totally worth your while if you can see beyond the DIY production

The words "lesbian vampire" bring to mind either the incoherently stylish Jess Franco/Jean Rollin 70's stuff or the modern softcore associated with Misty Mundae, Darian Caine, et al. But it would be unfair to categorize "Vampire Diary" as either, because the sexual orientation of the leads is not the main point of the film, but the intense passion that develops between them, and the lengths a person will go to in order to protect a loved one. Sure, it's not a perfect film (even at eighty-something minutes it drags at some points), but much to my surprise, "Vampire Diary" turned out to be a thoughtful, well-acted drama with supernatural overtones that might go the usual "vampirism as addiction" route we've seen before, but does it with a raw and sincere emotion, intensified by the DIY photography (videography?), that will undoubtedly be compared with the recent wave of mockumentary shot-on-video horror films (from the awesome "Cloverfield" to the genuinely terrifying Spanish flick "REC"). Granted, this pseudo-verité style is not for all tastes, but for those tired of the same direct-to-DVD zombie drivel, "Vampire Diary" will be a welcome relief and a cool breath of fresh air for the genre. I'm an avid fan of direct-to-DVD horror films (for better or for worse), and this is exactly the kind of film that feels like a reward after plowing through release after release of mercenary independent films done without passion or vision, just scraping for some loose change associated with the latest film trend. So, believe me when I tell you that there are _lots_ of worse movies in which you could invest an hour and a half, and not find even a fraction of the artistry, drama or just plain coolness of "Vampire Diary". And, goes without saying, the movie will be especially relevant to those "Goth" kids that take the role playing game "Vampire - The Masquerade" way too seriously.

Reviewed by suite92 3 / 10 / 10

Documentary film maker goes looking for Goths also finds a vampire.

Holly is doing a low-budget documentary about the Goth scene in London, UK, and in particular about faux vampires. She meets Vicki, who claims to be a supernatural being, a 'real' vampire. On that note, is Vicki just another Goth cosplay enthusiast? If so, this looks like a psychological drama, not horror. If not, then how much of reality are we expected to ignore to embrace the film? Someone (who else...) kills Eddie early on. Holly and Vicki record the reactions to his death by substantial exsanguination. Holly and Vicki start their lesbian relationship, which is, not surprisingly, neither believable nor interesting nor titillating. It is, however, out of focus, out of frame, low on contrast, low on color saturation. It is rather emblematic of the film as a whole: dreary and non-engaging. Brad disappears from the Goth scene; some weak indicators point to Vicki. Vicki shows Holly a tape of her killing Brad. Holly helps Vicki with the problem. The discussion of what 'real' vampires are like was boring, over long, and not believable. Holly tries to find a way for Vicki to survive without killing people. Surprise. This fails. Vicki came to Holly already pregnant by a male vampire. The gestation and the police investigation consume the rest of the film. ------Scores------ Cinematography: 0/10 Hand-held badness in the style of Blair Witch. Almost everything that can be done wrong with a video camera was done in this film. The dueling feeds from two different very-low-quality hand-held cameras (Holly's and Vicki's) was amusing for a good 8 or 9 seconds. After that, it was just one more constant nuisance in this train wreck. Sound: 4/10 Mixed bag. Sometimes in sync with visuals, other times not. Horrid incidental music. Acting: 4/10 Not too bad on the face of it. Actors hit their marks and read their lines. Still, nothing is memorable about it because no actors were engaging. This is more about delusional idiots posturing for one another, not about character motivation, or exposition of why certain events happened. Screenplay: 2/10 Twenty minutes of plot stretched out to 89 minutes. This film has the indie look of keeping whatever footage is recorded, then putting it together in post. A lot of the footage (particularly at club scenes and some party scenes) does nothing to advance the narrative and does nothing toward explaining character actions.

Reviewed by kneiss1 3 / 10 / 10

Some nice ideas, sadly not much more

When I got this movie around 2 years ago, I took a peak, and after seeing how cheap it was filmed, I needed 2 years to finally give it a chance, and watch it. And I have to say, I expected even worse by how low budget this must have been. They got out a lot of their cheap equipment. Some pictures have been really nice (a lot haven't been though). I might have enjoyed this movie, if only the story would have made any sense, if actors would have been better, if the characters would have been interesting, etc., etc.. **** Spoiler-alert****: The worst for me has been the idea of a vampire being pregnant and having a vampire baby. Alone this idea ridiculed the whole movie for me. The absolute climax of ridiculousness was, when one of the girls cuts open both of her writs and kills herself, to spend blood for the vampire baby. Because she is a wannabe vampire, and a newly born vampire is something absolutely special.... I needed to laugh in pain. And by remembering this idea, I have the urge to rate the movie with 1 point. I leave it at 3 points for the nice atmosphere and because this is an independent movie and it deserves some respect for that.

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