Vanishing on 7th Street


Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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October 28, 2020



Hayden Christensen as Stephen Glass
John Leguizamo as Bruno
Larry Fessenden as Prophet of Doom
Thandie Newton as Sally Hemings
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by the_wolf_imdb 6 / 10 / 10

Interesting but feels unfinished

This movie is really mysterious and starts with great promise - people disappearing in the darkness - well, this is frightening. It is not too logical - some things do happen but somehow contradicts the story logic (ie. small girl with solar powered flashlight somehow survives even if there is mentioned that the Sun rises only for a few hours, hardly to recharge the flashlight). All right. I'm willing to accept even less logical movies like Japanese horror movies which often do not respect time or actual causality. However these movies usually do try to explain what his happening and why it is happening (with several theories how to resolve the situation, often wrong). But there is hardly any explanation here, only "signs" which may be interpreted in many ways. The ending is sudden, hardly explains anything and left me unsatisfied. Is the happening local or global? Is it transitory or final? Is it demonic or end of the world caused by God? The movie focuses on (not too successful) attempts to survive but provides way too few answers. The feeling is depressing, which is good, but I really lack the climax. The ending was somehow abrupt and unsatisfactory. I like it, but it is only "good", not "great".

Reviewed by Indifferent_Observer 3 / 10 / 10

Not a bad movie

Well this movie has a good cast and even a decent concept, but its missing something that would make it much,much better. A decent ending and 'some' explanation. While i'm sure the the writers wanted to leave an air of mystery at the end, there was just too little build up in between. The actors did a decent job with what they had, I mean it wasn't there fault. The problem was we really have no idea about anything going on in the movie all the way through. Even when we start start seeing it first hand there is still no explanation. Still, as it the movie itself was OK(I guess) and is deserving of its 6 rating. I'm just disappointed as it felt unfinished and rushed and I know it could've been so much better. I definitely wouldn't advise paying for this movie, but if you come across it on cable and you have nothing to do, check it out.

Reviewed by lefevre-tj 3 / 10 / 10


While parts of the movie peaked my interest, overall, it was very disappointing. A vague plot, poor script, weak effects and actors trying their best to make it work. Too bad they failed. A movie with this premise has great potential, it can lead the viewer down a path and let the audience intellectually fill in the blanks. In order for that to occur, the movie itself must provide the plot points, the material that that allows, and draws the viewer to want to connect the dots and create, so to speak, their own movie within a movie. I just gave up, and so, apparently, did the filmmakers. I won't gave away anything, because there really isn't anything to tell.

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