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Reviewed by nairtejas 8 / 10 / 10

Molecule Review: Varathan (8 Stars)

One of the best-made Malayalam films of 2018 takes us on a gradual and sorta dull journey of two relatable characters - wife and husband (played by Aishwarya Lekshmi and Fahadh Faasil) - who are called outsiders by the vanity- and lust-filled inhabitants of the village where one of them spent their entire childhood. Amal Neerad's Varathan can be divided into two parts: one: 90 minutes of sheer narrative storytelling where the couple move from Dubai - romancing their way through some great tracks by the talented Sushin Shyam - and trying to find solace in a small farm house that is not devoid of voyeurs who reflect the collective real-life criminals we have around us; and two: a 30-minute taut action-packed revenge montage (again powered by a scintillating score and some great shots by Littil Swayamp), triggered by basic human instinct and between humans of two different kinds that is arguably the most magnificent series of sequences ever made in modern Malayalam cinema. When you finish watching the movie - numb across your body, yearning for Faasil to make some coffee for you - you will want to watch the second part one more time. And a few more times until you have made everyone in your friends and family circle to catch it on the big screen. Varathan will take you by surprise and make you forget its shortcomings. It will make you stronger and you'll like it because the world is not a good place anymore. TN.

Reviewed by arungeorge13 5 / 10 / 10

A brilliant initial 90-100 mins followed by a masala-sprinkled climax! [+64%]

Yes, the core theme of 'Varathan' is heavily inspired by the 1971 home-invasion thriller 'Straw Dogs'. But what makes it worth a viewing is the way master-director Amal Neerad has incorporated all necessary elements to essentially 'Malayali-fy' it. The film opens in Dubai and moves quickly to an estate in Vagamon, Kerala. Having actors like Fahadh Fazil and Aishwarya Lekshmi portraying key characters (Abin and Priya) only elevates an already-intriguing plotline (especially for those who haven't seen 'Straw Dogs'). The new environs aren't the friendliest, to say the least, and it is Priya who notices this first. She is terrified at the fact that her former classmates are lusting after her even when she's a married woman. The tactics employed by Pappaali Josy (Sharafudheen) and his cronies to taunt Priya are ones that give women sleepless nights. Aishwarya Lekshmi plays the helpless (but wanting-to-give-it-back-to-em locals) woman to the T. Fahadh lends much-needed composure to the character of Abin, until he has no choice but to lay the baddies to waste. The film is a slow-burn thriller with a payoff that boasts ample doses of masala. The quintessential 'break-point' arrives around the 90/100 min mark, and when it does, one or two retaliation strategies used by Abin, manage to leave the viewer reasonably pumped up. The music and background score (by Sushin Shyam) do add to the eerie feel of the film. Amal Neerad's directorial skills are also ably complemented by the subtle frames chosen by cinematographer Littil Swayamp. If only had Amal done away with some of his regular cinematic tropes (such as the excessive use of slow-motion, his choice to include a badly choreographed muddy rain fight as opposed to slower yet more effective, hard-hitting methods to inflict pain on the antagonists, and not giving the female protagonist enough masala moments as the male), 'Varathan' would have turned out to be a more thrilling cinematic experience. In its current form, 'Varathan' is memorable while it lasts but the finale feels a little rushed and as I mentioned above, the punishment meted out to the baddies felt insufficient. Enjoy it for its realistic performances, brilliant camerawork, and splendid storytelling.

Reviewed by PimpinAinttEasy 5 / 10 / 10

The problem with Varathan .....

..... is that the tuneless and deafening background score overshadows almost every other aspect of the film. Imagine that you sat down to read a book in your house on a weekend. But somebody plays a religious song over a loudspeaker in your street and you find that you cannot concentrate. So you take your book and go to the park. But a couple over there is watching something on their mobile phone and giggling loudly. So you go to the bar for a drink. But the bartender switches to a furious Indian TV serial just as you sat down. The eve-teasing women harassers in Varathan are minor villains compared to its cacophonic and irritating background score. And that is only one of the film's problems. There are many more. The last 30 minutes are a joke. How is the over the top fight scene (that is at odds with rest of the movie which was very realistic) different from one of those loud Tamil movies with Ajith, Suriya or Vijay? Fahadh Fazil and Aishwarya Lakshmi are bland as the yuppie couple. Atleast the villains played by Sharafudheen, Vijilesh Karayad ,Nisthar Sait and Kochu Preman were entertaining.

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