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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by spider89119 8 / 10 / 10

great spaghetti western

Vengeance is directed by Italian horror-maestro Antonio Margheriti, and it proves that he can direct a good western as well. The hero is a Django-like character named Rocco. Richard Harrison does a fine job in this role. The showdowns between Rocco and the various men he is seeking to kill are suspenseful, entertaining, and very well done, especially the beer glass duel with the character named "Kid" (which I had to watch a couple of times to figure out how "Kid" was cheating). In the end, it is Claudio Camaso as the main villain "Mendoza" who steals the show. Mendoza is a wonderful character who is kind of a cross between Malcolm McDowell's character in "A Clockwork Orange," and a villain you would see in the Batman TV series from the 1960's. You've gotta love it! It's the American west as it can only happen in Italy, and it is a joy to watch. The music is also great. Highly recommended to anyone who understands and appreciates the Italian westerns.

Reviewed by Eegah Guy 6 / 10 / 10

Spaghetti Western fans should take a look!

Director Margheriti is well known for his long list of fast, cheap but well-made horror, sci-fi and action films. As Westerns were so popular in the late 60s he dabbled in that genre also and made some good films. VENGEANCE isn't as interesting as his other late 60s Western AND GOD SAID TO CAIN, but this is still fine entertainment for European pop cinema fans because all the elements of this genre are present (zooms into squinting eyes, impossibly fast gundowns, fuzz guitar laden score, seemingly invincible anti-heroes defeating scummy bad guys).

Reviewed by ma-cortes 6 / 10 / 10

Acceptable , decent Pasta Western with the ordinary vendetta carried out by Richard Harrison against his nasty contenders

Passable Spaghetti Western shot in Spain with two usual genre stars : Entertaining Macarroni flick with plenty of action , crossfire , brawls , double-crosses , twists and loads of shots . A half-breed gunfighter named Joko / Rocco Barrett seeks vengeance and justice , as he tracks down the five bandits (Werner Pochath as Kid , Lucio De Santis as Laredo , Goffredo Unger as Yuma , among others) who murdered his robbing colleagues (Albert Dell'Acqua and Claudio Camaso as Professor Mendoza) . Joko arrives in a small town and he put on a sheriff badge. All the while being shadowed by a suspicious Pinkerton detective called Lester (Paolo Gozlino) . This stirring Ravioli Western packs thrills , shootouts , noisy action and riding pursuits . Italian production filmed in Laccio , Rome , Italy and Almeria , Spain , being full of familiar faces , assaults , exaggerated characters , gun-down , lots of shots , fights and with some looks that say it all , including an exciting ending . Starring Richard Harrison who stands out his strong , piercing eyes and striking look , featuring as a man out for vendetta . Harrison is so-so as a gunslinger who vows revenge to murder the outlaws who killed his colleagues , as he ravages the screen , he jumps , leaps and bounds , hits and runs ; besides , receiving violent punches , wounds and tortures as when he's tied under a shining sun . Worthwhile watching for a demonstration of the confrontation between the tough mestizo Pistolero Richard Harrison against the dangerous killers as Werner Pochath , Lucio Santis and Goffredo Unger . As Harrison/Joko being besieged at a Sheriff's office similarly to ¨Howard Hawks's Rio Bravo¨. Richard Harrison played in Hollywood some minor roles as ¨Kronos¨, ¨South Pacific¨ and ¨Master of world . Then , Harrison jumped at the chance when offered the first character in 1961 ,¨The Invincible Gladiator¨ , which was filming in Europe . He wound up settling in Italy for the next two decades . To avoid being penned in too much as a muscle man , he sought characters in routine spaghetti westerns as ¨Texas the Red¨, ¨Gringo¨, ¨Reverendo Colt¨ , ¨Joe Dakota¨ , even the main role from ¨For a fistful of dollars¨ was offered to Richard Harrison , but he turned down and explaining : Maybe my greatest contribution to cinema was not doing Fistful of Dollars, and recommending Clint Eastwood for the part . Support cast is frankly good , thanks to the strange and upsetting presence of Claudio Camaso who bears remarkable resemblance to his brother Gian Maria Volonte ; a bit later on , Camaso sadly committed suicide himself . Camaso starred various ¨Pipperone¨ Westerns , usually playing a Mexican bandit , such as : ¨10.000 dollars for a massacre¨, ¨Giarrettiera Colt , ¨Per 100.000 Dollari T'ammazzo¨ , "Night of Hate¨, and ¨John Il bastard¨. Here appear important secondaries from Spaghetti Western such as : Paolo Gozlino as a mysterious drifter , Alberto Dell'Acqua , Giovanni Scratulia , Werner Pochath as Kid , Ignacio Spalla or Pedro Sánchez , Lucio De Santis ,Goffredo Unger , and brief acting by the Eurotrash Babe Maria Angela Giordano and Luciano Pigozzi , nicknamed Allan Collins , considered to be the Italian Peter Lorre. Furthermore , Riccardo Pizzutti , a regular in Terence Hill/Bud Spencer movies . There are fine technicians , nice assistant direction and adequate production design , creating a good scenario across the Almerian outdoors , including the stark landscapes , dunes , rocks , and mountains . Colorful and evocative cinematography by Riccardo Palottini , but a perfect remastering being necessary . Very enjoyable musical score by Carlo Savina , including catching songs at the beginning and the end sung by Don Powell . This oddball motion picture was professionally directed by Antonio Margheriti , though it has flaws and gaps . Antonio M. Dawson was born in 1930 , Rome, and died in 2002 . He was a director and writer , and especially known for his works with miniatures , explosions and flood sequences . Antonio shoots with ordinary aplomb and being famous for Yor (1983), Virus (1980) and Horror castle (1963) . Italian writer-director of horror and exploitation films, a former university engineering student who began in films in 1956 . He was also an expert in special optical effects , FX , and model-making . Often used the pseudonym 'Anthony M. Dawson'. He directed all kind of genres such as Wartime : The last hunter , Tornado , Code Name : Wild Geese , Commando Leopard , Der Commander ; Sci-Fi : War of planets , Planet on the prowl , Criminali Della Galassia ; Action : Operazione Goldman , Indio , The Squeeze ; and Spaghetti : Dynamite Joe , The stranger and the gunfighter , Take a hard ride , God said to Cain and this one : Joko .

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