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Adam Deacon as Zalaam
Jason Maza as Danny Lee
Richie Campbell as African Troublesome Trucks
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ILYRiCaL 8 / 10 / 10

touching movie

I watched this movie with low expectations, but i was surprisingly glued to the screen through the entire movie. As for the acting, i did not feel like it could be any better. As for the storyline, its good, and will throw in some surprises for you.. Basically a story of a young guy who has had to take care of his little sister since he was 16, because his no-good mother left them. He turned to crime, to be able to take care of his little sister. But as others had been victims to his crimes, so was he. A story of how we can all be victims... Watch it, its much better than most of you think.

Reviewed by Narcissist00 2 / 10 / 10

Literally nothing happens

This was made locally so it was cool to see my area but seriously nothing happens. I enjoyed most of Noel Clarke's movies and thought this would be similar. It's not. Worst movie I've seen in a while. Watch Top Boy if you haven't seen it, if you have seen it watch it again before watching this.

Reviewed by natashabowiepinky 2 / 10 / 10

The other positive review must be a studio plant

The biggest shock of my weekend was finding out this production didn't star anyone from Hollyoaks. There is nothing here to suggest the 'stars' could tackle anything more taxing than a toothpaste commercial. It is also highly amusing to note the director's desperate attempts at urban authenticity, with loads of street slang, f-words and yoof tunes on the soundtrack at every given opportunity. Shame he made such a pigs ear of everything else. It's a very earnest effort at making a teen British drama, and the moral about wasting your life committing crimes rather than getting an education is a good one. Tragically, this lesson is delivered in a scene which is more likely to elicit laughs then get the audience thinking, and against a backdrop of tedious black stereotypes swearing at each other and behaving like a bunch of morons, you're far more likely to be reaching for the OFF switch then learning how to better yourself. Actually, I've got something to teach you... DON'T WATCH THIS MOVIE. IT'S RUBBISH. There you go. I'll even write it on a bit of card for you. Aren't I nice? 2/10

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