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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by aditya1989 9 / 10 / 10

Ravi Teja's best till date

This is another blockbuster movie from SS Rajmouli. After Student No. 1, Sye, Simhadri and Chatrapati,Vikramarkudu is another masterpiece. This man is never tired of giving superb entertainers. There is typical Rajmouli violence but the surprise element was the amount of comedy in the movie. Of all Rajmouli movies this has the maximum comedy. Story: Athili Sathi Babu (Ravi Teja) is a smalltime thief in Hyderabad. A small girl comes to Sathi Babu claiming that he is her father. Later on it is revealed that there is a look-alike of Sathi Babu in the form of Vikram Singh Rathod who had an impeccable track record as IPS officer. His past in Chambal valley catches up with him. The rest of the story is all about how these look-alikes' take care of baddies. However I would like to mention that the editing of the movie was not up to the mark. It could have been done much better. All said, the movie is another blockbuster from Rajmouli and Ravi Teja. It is an ideal combination of Rajmouli's screenplay and Ravi Teja's histrionics.

Reviewed by Prashast_Singh 6 / 10 / 10

Vikramarkudu: Full on masala entertainer!

Movie: Vikramarkudu Rating: 4/5 There's no doubt in the fact that S.S.Rajamouli is a very talented director whose every film has something great. If happens of his Action film Vikramarkudu as well, which presents a great combo of Ravi Teja with Ravi Teja. How, let's analyze. Vikramarkudu is a film that has a masala story presented in an excellent and different way. There is the trademark of Rajamauli all over the film. From the script to screenplay, action to comedy, dialogues to music, everything is like the one you can really expect from a typical Rajamauli film. There's no doubt that the film is a perfect masala entertainer. Ravi Teja shines well in his both the roles. His performance as a mass hero has improved over time. His expressions, dialogue delivery, fighting, dancing etc everything goes well. Other actors like Ajay, Rajiv Kankhala, Prakash Raj etc give brilliant performances. The fights of the film are a major plus point and a driving factor of the film. Every fight scene is brilliantly executed. The film also stands well in the technical department and dialogue department, where you get no chance to complain. The kind of masala the film offers is truly amazing. Overall, Vikramarkudu is a great masala entertainer that has all things right as a mass film. Truly and definitely worth a watch!

Reviewed by vamthedude 6 / 10 / 10

mass, action and entertainer

the major problem with South Indian films is the billionth time repeated far as plot is concerned Vikramarkudu is no different than its predecessors....what makes it different is the treatment, the male protagonist, the female protagonist ( good as nude with half the clothes on!!!!!!!) and the comedy track.....even though i have not seen Rowdy Rathore but surely i know it sucks and it has to because of its director Mr. Prabhudeva (who is getting to the dubious credit of THE REMAKE SPECIALIST in India).....raviteja thunders and makes u laugh and its the last best movie i have seen from this guy....anoushka fresh and spicy....rajamouli at his peak....brahmmi again doing what he does the best....overall this is one movie u can watch whenever u feel like killing some time in a day or not in a mood to entertainer in totality

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