Waking Ned Devine



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Fionnula Flanagan as Barbara
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Susan Lynch as Rachel
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Team 2 5 / 10 / 10

A bad surprise

Our grand mother gave us the movie 'Waking Ned Devine' and we realized that all the characters in this film had nearly seventy years old... and the same humour of her Grandma (which is very disappointed). But the characters were nice and welcoming and sometimes a bit funny when they wanted. We really liked the traditional Irish landscapes but they were too beautiful for this movie indeed it was too strange like when an old men is naked on his motorbike (for all the people who have seen the film you know what we mean). Well, tell us who did this in the real life ? Not us, at least... And it could shocked children! We had been shocked by the way. As far as we concerned that the dream of one of the main characters was really bizarre because why was he in a small boat with Ned, who is supposed to be dead (oops spoiler...), who was eating a chicken leg in the gold sea ? How is it supposed to help the guy who was dreaming in his reflection about the money ? However, the moral of the plot was very interesting but it was not realistic at all. Indeed if we win millions of pounds we just keep that for ourselves! And there were too many point which were not clear like the 'relationship' between Maggie and Finn. Are we the only people who think that Maggie has not place in this movie ? Indeed, because of her we didn't know the real goal of this film and she didn't have a link with this. So, Grandma next time that you want to buy us a present, have a better idea! To put it nutshell, it could be a very good movie... For our grand parents. It was a message for Elisabeth (our Grandma) to make you realize that movies shot in the nineties are not interesting for young people like us, who are teenagers! Thanks for reading our review (which was very good, admit it!)

Reviewed by jujucuzel 6 / 10 / 10

The perfect movie if you have 2 hours to loose

When I bought this movie,it was in a secondhand shop and you know the quality of the plot of the movie which are in this kind of place. I was nicely surprising. On the one hand,the characters are very lovable and we can recognized ourselves in them but on the other hand I truly think it is a shame that it is always the same landscapes,the same situation and the same people,while it puts us ill at ease with them. In my way of thinking the plot isn't well-thought but if but if you have got 2 hours of your life to loose it's the perfect movie. There are too much vegetation and too much flashy colors,it reminds me of the Jungle Book. Whereas it is well framed and the background is pretty and realistic. However the acting is not really convincing because of the choice of the actors which wasn't very appropriate and thorough and I think that is why the actors are not famous now. Even if it is strange,it is still a funny movie,indeed I watched it with my friends and we really had a good time. The film was unremarkable and my opinion is really lukewarm but the thing which made me enjoy this movie is the scene when Mickael is naked on his motorbike,I do not want to spoil you but you must know that I replayed this scene again and again,it was so funny actually,even the last time! So I'm glad to know this movie and I invite you to watch it with a good friend because with your parents, it could be very awkward!

Reviewed by team5 6 / 10 / 10

A film discovered by accident

I went to my grandmother's, and unfortunately, she owns only one TV. So one evening I was forced to watch « Waking Ned Devine » with her and my sister. Any ways my grandma always decides everything. I imagined the black and white movie with guns and so on... But honestly I was surprised by the quality of the image.Okay, it is not an old movie, but even ! I could mention that it's a timeless movie. Indeed it takes place in a small village and small villages existed but they still exist, so we can't locate the story in time. Although the characters create a special atmosphere, this movie is yet sleepy for one reason : THERE IS NO ACTION. Oh no, I'm not totally right : I forgot the scene of Lizzie's death. Wow, she just flew, it was so spectacular. Moreover this scene was funny thanks to the direction : there were a contrast between the villagers celebrating their victory and Lizzie alone. But in the both of the scenes we feel joyful. Nonetheless it is interesting because of the humour of the second degree (some are shocked seeing an old naked man riding a motorbike. Why doing a scandal about that?!) and the presence of a moral even if this one and the interest of the movie aren't really searched, any ways I don't like complicated films. So maybe my sister is not into it and won't advice it to her friends, while my grandma is totally fan of it. Personally, this film deserves its place in my top 150 of the best movies I have ever watched. I really advice it to you if you are bored.

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