Walk the Line

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Joaquin Phoenix as Lucius Hunt
Larry Bagby as Jimbo
Robert Patrick as Ray Bennett
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Hjr Jr (Hjr41) 10 / 10 / 10


This is an upsetting story about an even more upsetting man. With Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon completely inhabiting the respective roles of Johnny Cash and June Carter, and sure-handed direction from James Mangold, Walk the Line is an affecting drama that brings the legend of Johnny Cash to the screen in superior fashion. A deeply felt character piece that is beautiful and heartbreaking. James Mangold does exactly what you're supposed to do with this type of story. He shows you the reality, explains that reality, and never makes any excuses for it. He doesn't attempt to justify the shortcomings in the life of Johnny Cash, but he also doesn't pander by overly criticizing them. This is a movie that is justifiably angry at times, but is also tremendously empathetic. Beautiful stuff.

Reviewed by Solnichka McPherson 7 / 10 / 10

Phoenix should have won the Oscar, not Witherspoon

It's amazing how good Joaquin Phoenix is in this film, and it's a darn shame he didn't win the Oscar for it. Sometimes, the Academy just screws up (see Cage winning in LEAVING LAS VEGAS instead of Shue, or Sarandon winning for DEAD MAN WALKING instead of Penn, for example). Reese Witherspoon handles herself just fine, and perhaps she was worthy of an Oscar, but Phoenix ... you cannot take your eyes off him when he's on screen. His voice, his body language ... everything about him screams CASH. The story is good, and the slice of time explored is perfect, in terms of conflict, challenge and survival. A very good film, no matter how times you see it. The only real flaw is Ginnifer Goodwin, who is somewhat miscast in her role as a shrewish wife. Parker Posey wasn't available?

Reviewed by Clark (clarkcwilson) 7 / 10 / 10

The Perfect Johnny Cash Movie... Almost

And it came so close to being perfect too. The actual talking performances are brilliant. However, when Joaquin Phoenix is singing he suddenly has the voice of a twenty year smoker, which I guess is accurate, but when the FORTY year smoker you're trying to impersonate sounded better than you it's not a good sign. Apart from that little issue the cast sings fairly well. The beginning of the film is rather dull, highlighting Cash's early years and performances, it's all very well and good but rather forgettable. Around the scene where Cash is performing for Mr. RecordStudio I noticed a little oddity. The previously mentioned scene is shot very awkwardly. It starts with a tight shot of Cash singing one of his now famous country tunes, the camera slowly zooms out to reveal the Tennessee Two partially of camera and slightly out of focus, but halfway through the song, they stop the long zoom leaving our attention to wander away from Cash back to the band member behind him looking very much like a moron. There are a handful of scenes like this sprinkled throughout the film. Why not, for instance, instead of having the Tennessee Two stand there not playing their instruments, have them slowly figure out what song Cash is doing and have them join in, creating a big first number. The middle of the film comes and goes as the best part, the Folsom Prison performance being the peak of the film with excellent extras and Phoenix's best solo performance in the film. The film leaves off on the perfect note, prior to Cash becoming old and sad, but after the peak of his popularity.

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