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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by creativerevelation 9 / 10 / 10

Masterful Insight

Normally we cheer our heroes on for their outer deeds and personal courage as they gain momentum over their inner & outer struggles, putting back the pieces previously taken from their psyche. In Jerry G. Angelo's film,Warfighter, whilst full of incredible action and suspense, we are transfixed with the wheels coming off in our hero's inner world as & when he (and his family) experience it. A realistic and masterful view of the battle fatigued mind that cannot rest, that must go on, that is duty & brother bound, a specialist that cannot be replaced, as duty is always pressing and it requires all of him. My hope is this film will help us to continue to identify better the signs of PTSD in our brave brother and sister Warfighters to understand them as whole humans, not just fighting machines. This film lays out signs on a path, we, as a society, need to follow to help heal & possibly prevent our heavily traumatized veterans.

Reviewed by joe_baumann 10 / 10 / 10

A Masterpiece- raises your "level", but NOT really for shallow, less seasoned moviegoers

WARFIGHTER raises your "level" as a moviegoer! It challenges the viewer to see, recognize, and hold onto the numerous storyline "cues" set up in the 1st half of the movie, which are all further revealed & resolved in the 2nd half of the movie (great movies often utilize this technique). The thoughtful moviegoer will keenly pick up on the importance of: the daughter's special relationship with her father who has PTSD; the intensity of the first big PTSD nightmare; the flickering porch light; the deep concerns of the wives and families as their Navy SEALS go on yet another dangerous mission; the singing "Pavarotti" bird; and the mysterious "blonde girl" RYAN who seems to be both vulnerable and ominous at the same time (to mention just a few of the "cues"). The truly insightful moviegoer knows that they are simply UNABLE to expect what is still to come... and yet it is coming like a huge boulder from the sky, dropping on your head when you least expect it. WARFIGHTER is a "Masterpiece" for those who are up to the challenge- and the reward is so worth it!

Reviewed by nyactor21 10 / 10 / 10

Solid Film with a very postive and insightful look into our military

PTSD is a buzzword nowadays and because of this it has become a go to for dramatic films about the military. This is normally painted with a rough brush and we move on in the story using the PTSD as a plot device. It's frustrating and badly handled in most films. In Warfighter it is crafted and fully realized using excellent storytelling, acting and production value. This is not a story about PTSD, it is a story about how much our troops sacrifice and what that sacrifice does to them on the battlefield and at home. It's a wonderfully told story that takes you into these peoples lives and lets you see the fallout, triumphs and downfalls. Not judging, just showing. I'm excited to see the next film this director and team do. Beautifully shot, strongly told and leaves you with a better understanding and empathy of a subject that is far too often glossed over.

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