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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kristieberg 4 / 10 / 10

More freestyle please!

I LOVED FLS. Saw it during their short run on Broadway. I could've gone 10 nights in a row and loved it just as much. So I was so excited to see this was going to be made available to a larger audience, but the documentary really doesn't show the real talent. It introduces you to the cast, but we don't see nearly enough of the show. I wish they would've run through a whole show or at least made that the primary focus. they're all brilliant and it's so fun to watch.

Reviewed by pebsdad 9 / 10 / 10

A Brotherhood of Talent

A behind the scenes look at how the fringe, off-Broadway and Broadway show Freestyle Love Supreme came together. There may be no in-between on whether you like or do not like improv/freestyle but there's no denying when the group is really talented, magic can happen. This is a doc about a group of people who have rich, creative minds and the ability to allow those creations to flow out incredibly quickly. It is also about friends and how Lin-Manuel Miranda and his guys nurtured and grew those relationships into a story about friendship. It's an excellent peek into how LMM's mind flows and where In The Height's and Hamilton's greatness came from. I really liked seeing the development between Lin and Thomas Kail, his director for both Broadway musicals. This documentary is a must for fans of Hamilton, as you can see some of the genesis on display.

Reviewed by lindavreeburg92 9 / 10 / 10

Great watch!

I actually really enjoyed watching this! Don't get me wrong, sweat starts pouring out of me at the mere thought of having to go on stage, let alone without knowing what you are going to say. But it makes it that much more interesting to watch! I massively enjoyed watching creative people be creative together. The obvious friendships made it even more exciting.

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