We of the Never Never


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Reviewed by lottatitles 9 / 10 / 10

Only the Aussies do it this well.

I had never heard of this film and spotted it on a shelf at a rental store some years ago. I started watching it (first few minutes is need to get you to the outback) and suddenly was engulfed by it's brilliance. I watched it all the way through then called three friends and threatened them if they didn't drop what they were doing and get to my house. We all watched it. They all paid the late fees so they could take turns having friends over to watch it. You think life is rough now? Wait till you see what this woman endures and conquers with her incredible husband, the ranch hands and the aborigines.

Reviewed by BOUF 8 / 10 / 10

Excellent portrait of a 19th century white woman trying to cope in the Australian outback.

Despite its rather rambling structure, this is movie is a great achievement - as a portrait of a 19th century, white Australian woman trying to cope with life in the outback. It's beautifully photographed, written and acted, with the exception of the male lead, who is astoundingly miscast. Such a shame, as otherwise this would have been a completely absorbing and accurate depiction of conditions faced by a woman, married to a typical man of the land; the only white woman in a very male world, and inn a world in which indigenous people are treated as third class citizens. I recommend this to schools and educators and to film historians - as an example of how to make a great movie with not much money and a lot of commitment. See the extras on the DVD - even in those, the male lead reveals himself to be completely out of step with the spirit of the film.

Reviewed by princy 8 / 10 / 10

Outstanding Australian Movie

A remarkable movie about a woman overcoming sexist and racial prejudice in outback Australia. McGregor is very convincing as Jeannie Gunn as she battles constantly to be seen as an equal amongst the menfolk on the station on which she lives with her husband. The fight seems a losing battle however as the views held by the men (regarding both women and indigenous people) are hard to overcome. Anyone outside of Australia who is interested in an accurate portrayal of the early relations between Australian Aborigines and white Australian's then this movie is for you.

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