Welcome to Sarajevo

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Frank Dillane as Alex Harmann
James Nesbitt as Fintan O'Donnell
Marisa Tomei as Evie
Woody Harrelson as Narrator
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 6 / 10 / 10

more advocacy than story

It's 1992 Sarajevo. Reporters are navigating the random everyday violence in the besieged city. Michael Henderson (Stephen Dillane) is a British ITN reporter. Jane Carson (Kerry Fox) and Annie McGee (Emily Lloyd) are the producers. Risto Bavic (Goran Visnjic) is their new fixer. Jimmy Flynn (Woody Harrelson) is the flashy hard-charging American reporter doing big stories. Michael starts doing stories on orphanages to shame the international community. He meets aid worker Nina (Marisa Tomei) who organizes an UN convoy to transport the orphans. This is more advocacy than story. The real situation is devastating and needs to be told. The movie needs a more compelling cohesive plot. Stephen Dillane is a solid character actor but he's not really a movie leading man. Woody Harrelson is not in this that much and Marisa Tomei is in it even less. There are harrowing things happening in this movie. It uses news footage. It compiles a dark picture but the story is not gripping enough.

Reviewed by markjankovic 4 / 10 / 10

Truly an example of a good war film

An excellent film that is quite to the point. I noticed some comments on here trying to justify the violence that occurred during the war. Much of which on factually inaccurate claims. I guess the war never ended. Claiming inflated numbers such as 700,000 Serbs dying in WWII is irrelevant to the film and also false. While conveniently leaving out the genocidal actions of Serbian Chetniks. This film depicts the horrors of war. If some can not handle the vile acts done in their name, it is their own problem. It is important to look at this film as a condemnation of these atrocities and to make it our goal that it never happens again. Not to demonize anyone. Do Germans get upset when a Nazi film is created? No, for it is history and we must learn from it, not whitewash it and forget about it.

Reviewed by Karl Self 4 / 10 / 10

"War movie" doesn't automatically equate to "important movie"

This is a well-intended, opinionated movie by an important director, based on real events and supported by a solid script and production and an A-list of actors. As a fellow IMDb reviewer put it in a nutshell: "An important movie; wish more people would see it". And yet I totally disagree. The movie doesn't deliver and I think that only people should see it who completely draw a blank on the post-Jugoslav wars of the 1990ies and who are willing to head straight for the library to find out what really went on. The story is about a bunch of ITN reporters -- in actuality, British newscaster ITN played an important journalist role in the war -- in the Bosnian city of Sarajevo reporting on the early stages of the war. At the beginning of the movie we see a wedding taken under sniper fire and the bride's mother being killed. In reality, this incident is considered to be the starting point of the siege, although in reality a middle-aged man was killed, and it was a Muslim Bosniak shooting at a Serbian-Bosnia wedding (the movie never makes this clear). The movie then weaves its plot -- one of the ITN reporters takes pity on a young Bosniak orphan girl, smuggles her out to the UK and adopts her -- together with a tour d'horizon of the most salient events of the Bosnian war. The shooting at the wedding, the grenade shelling of the market, the cliff-side massacre, the concentration camps, the cello player of Sarajevo. I didn't get why the journalist had to formally adopt the girl as opposed to act as her warden. Overall, this movie will give you the impression that war is hell, which I presume it is, but it doesn't tell you much about that war in particular except visual impressions of cruelty.

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