When Calls the Heart


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kielsa03 8 / 10 / 10

Not bad, but a bit confusing and a little disappointing if you've read the books

As a big Janette Oke fan, I can't help but compare this movie to the Canadian West books, which it's somewhat based on. So here goes... In the books, which begin in April 1910, Elizabeth Thatcher lives in eastern Canada with her parents, younger sister Julie, and younger brother Matthew. (She has two older sisters who have already left home.) She has already been teaching for a while when her older half-brother Jonathan writes and invites her to come out west to teach. She accepts the offer and initially stays in Calgary with Jon, his wife Mary, and their four children: William, Sarah, Kathleen, and Elizabeth. Mr. Higgins, the man who is to assign Elizabeth to a school, lives in Calgary and tries to convince her to marry him, and when she refuses, he assigns her to a school over 100 miles away. She accepts the position and eventually meets Wynn Delaney, who happens to be a good friend of her brother Jon. In the movie, which also begins in 1910, the Elizabeth we initially meet is supposed to be Elizabeth Thatcher Delaney's niece. She lives in the east with her parents and younger sister Julie, who is much like the Julie in the book, who is her aunt. Mr. Higgins lives in the east and tries to convince Elizabeth to give him "special favors" in order to get a good teaching position nearby. She refuses, so he gives her a teaching assignment way out west, which she eventually decides to accept. Young Elizabeth reads her Aunt Elizabeth's diary, which tells about when she went out west to teach school, including how she met Wynn Delaney. The movie goes back and forth between Aunt Elizabeth's story in the past (which must be the late 1800s, unlike in the book) and young Elizabeth's story in the present. The parts of the movie about Aunt Elizabeth mostly match the story in the book, which I really like. But I wish they wouldn't have left out Jonathan and his family and mixed elements of Aunt Elizabeth's story into young Elizabeth's story. Worst of all, they don't even finish the story of Wynn and Elizabeth, and young Elizabeth's dad tells her that they don't even know what happened to Aunt Elizabeth. In the books Elizabeth stays in touch with her family, even though it's hard because she's sometimes in remote places. Later on, Elizabeth and Wynn move to a more "civilized" area, so by the time any nieces they have are grown up, they're in a place where they can regularly send letters to their relatives. The Canadian West series is interesting enough to make great movies, but instead of focusing on the great original story, movie makers have created this new niece Elizabeth and focused half the story on her. The ending made me feel like the story was unfinished, which I guess makes sense since this is the beginning of a TV series. I have a feeling the TV series will focus just on young Elizabeth and Edward, but I hope they'll at least finish Wynn and Elizabeth's story. I'll probably check out the series when it comes out, and I'll probably enjoy it. If you're hoping for a movie adaptation of the book, When Calls the Heart, you're not going to be totally satisfied and will probably be a bit disappointed like I was. But it's still a pretty good story, and it's clean and interesting without bad language, sex scenes, or graphic violence.

Reviewed by Joziesjewelry 5 / 10 / 10

Different than the original, but still good!

I agree with the other reviewers that this movie is different than the original story in Janette Oke's books. At first, I was confused & really tried to figure it out. I gave up on that & decided that both the books & the movie are good stories in and of themselves. So, if you loved the books, you'll also love this movie (& now the series), just go into it knowing that the story lines are different. You'll still enjoy it. The costumes are beautiful, the scenery is beautiful and the acting is well done. Maggie Grace makes a great Elizabeth Thatcher. A better one than Poppy Drayton in my opinion. Stephen Amell has turned into one of my favorite actors since I fell in love with his eyes! LOL What a gentleman!

Reviewed by dallas_viewer 5 / 10 / 10

Okay. Just okay.

Thank you, Kielsa03! Your review cleared everything up for me. I have not read the book and I was underwhelmed by the movie, especially by the way it just kind of fizzled out at the end. It made no sense--no one actually gets together, we're left wondering, etc. I was shaking my head "huh?" at the end. I did not realize this was intended to launch a TV series. No wonder so much remained open ended. I will say that Maggie Grace was very good in her role. Most of the other actors were adequate, except for the "free-spirited" sister, whose acting was atrocious. (Hey, just my opinion. YMMV. I liked her looks, as far as being the rascally sister, I just thought her acting choices were awful.) The real star of this movie for me was Wardrobe. Such gorgeous dresses and hats! If I could just vote for the costuming, I would give it 10 stars!

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