Wild Nights with Emily

Comedy / History

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Amy Seimetz as Mabel
Brett Gelman as Higginson
Molly Shannon as Adult Emily
Sasha Frolova as Young Susan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by reidandgenene 2 / 10 / 10

It Shoulda Been a Contender

On the positive side, there was some interesting information about Dickenson's poetry being "cleaned up" after her death, to blot out things that might suggest "Unnatural Passions". And the secondary leads, Amy Ziegler as the beloved sister in law Susan and Amy Seimetz as the scheming Mabel, were very well acted and created three dimensional characters. On the negative side, this simply did not work at all as a movie. Going from a play to a movie is often difficult -- think how many times the late great Robert Altman tried it and consistently failed. The characters were inconsistent; the dialog was often stilted and unnatural; the attempts to liven up the poems were appalling. The humor was all over the place, and even when the humor was successfully funny, it seemed out of place. Molly Shannon as Emily did best when doing funny non-reactions to the universally buffoonish men in the movie. For most other emotions, she did not get them across to me, I'm sorry to say, since I've liked her in the past, as in 'Year of the Dog'. I wish I had liked it better, but instead I kept wishing it would just end.

Reviewed by Red-125 7 / 10 / 10

Was Emily Dickinson a Lesbian?

Wild Nights with Emily (2018) was written and directed by Madeleine Olnek. It stars Molly Shannon as Emily Dickinson and Susan Ziegler as her sister-in-law, Susan Gilbert Dickinson. The story comes to us in flashback, as narrated by Mabel Todd, portrayed by Amy Seimetz. Mabel lectures to women's groups, discussing Emily's poems and suggesting to them that Dickinson had a lesbian relationship with Susan. It's clear that Mabel is a scheming opportunist. However, it's considered highly possible--in the movie and in real life--that Todd is correct. The plot of the movie revolves almost entirely around the relationship of Emily and Susan. The film works because the actors are so good at presenting us with women in whom you can believe. It's wonderful to see two extremely talented actors bring their characters to life. (In her supporting role, Amy Seimetz does an excellent acting job as well.) We saw this movie as in the Little Theatre as part of Rochester's ImageOut, the LGBT Film Festival. It will work well on the small screen. The movie has a fairly weak IMDb rating of 7.0. However, it has been rated by less than 100 people, so it could still climb to a better position. I liked the film and highly recommend it.

Reviewed by babyjaguar 7 / 10 / 10


This film by Madeline Olken is abit of satire on real life events. Poet, Dickinson was said to have bisexuality as a theme in her poetry. The film delves into her lifestyle within a conservative environment, whilst trying to have a love relationship with her sister-in-law, Susan Dickinson. This film does well with satire in depicting Dickinson's life. The pace of the film works with the witty humor personified by Molly Shannon's portrayal of the poet. Behind the burgeoning setting, it explores Dickinson as poet trying to assert her writing to a male dominated literary scene. The film brings light to Dickinson's poetry, which seemed always tragic, misunderstood but questions one's existence. It follows a young relationship between two young women until the death of Dickinson, with devoted caring from Susan. Although this film has a humorous tone, it takes seriously in how women writers weren't taken seriously or equal to era-related white male authors. The film trys to break down via satire, the mythology that lies behind Dickinson's lifework.

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