Wind Chill


Adventure / Drama / Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.9 10 20


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April 10, 2019



Emily Blunt as Lily Houghton
Martin Donovan as Rick Aarons

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Reviewed by cmovies-99674 3 / 10 / 10

This movie goes down with being the worst film i've seen

PROS: This movie is so bad and awful and terrible that it is hard to find a pro. What I can say however, is that the acting in the movie was good. I love EMILY BLUNT, so I'm kinda bias. In the film, she is amazing. CONS: In the film, there is no real plot or problem to be solved, which makes it extremely hard to have a good build up of tension. I have only ever seen one a movie with a bad build up and yet pulled off a good conclusion and thats Exam. This movie couldn't pull that off. Movies overall have a hard time with that, granted. But with this film in particular, there was a really difficult time at establishing a plot with any consistency. It is just so all over the place which really made it hard for anything good to come out of the acting. To dive deeper into to the film is to get more confused, which sucks because you really want to have a topical and a deeper meaning to any sci-fi horror. This film just didn't have that. Ill summarize it for you. You have a girl and a guy stranded on a back road in winter, with a bunch of spectral happenings everywhere that make no sense and are irrelevant. You also have no intensity or paranoia, nor are you gifted with an ending that matters, no. You just get garbage.

Reviewed by wm_sea 6 / 10 / 10

Old School - A Cult Classic To Be

A must see movie for classic horror fans. This is not a superficial slasher, gore fest. It is desolate like being stranded, and mood driven with ghostliness, and an overall sadness about it. For those who have a liking of darkness, snow, and cold in settings with few or only one other person to experience things, or to solely rely on this is one for you. I personally absolutely love this movie. It's one of my favorites of all time, and I've seen most. I've watched it many times. I tend to be a loner, rather than extravertish, and this movie really agrees with my personality. I fell in love with Emily Blunt as this being the first movie I ever saw her in. Though a low budget movie, I don't know how much if any, a larger budget would have improved it. It's a hidden gem.

Reviewed by huggibear 6 / 10 / 10

Needs to be watched in HDTV wide screen! Solid 6 Stars from me!

OK, Great Horror Flick! But always remember, it is Horror (not real)! This horror movie is not 'Horror-ific' (horrific, if you know what I mean). It's playful horror without the gore. Just think of it as a ghost movie that scares and you'll be just fine. Another viewer said he forked over $13.99 to see this in his hotel room. I don't think I would have paid to see this movie, since horror is so fake and unreal to me. But watching it on my Comcast/Xfinity cable inclusion, no problem. I watched this on an LG 4K Wide Screen HDTV, but unfortunately, it was not on an HD channel. Needless to say, the quality was crap! I think they have this movie in HD, but I missed the HD viewing. I believe it needs to be in HD to get the full experience and effects of a horror film. The sound quality is not that great if not in HD. Wait for the HD version or check OnDemand for it. It played on STARZ Encore Suspense channel (254 in our area). This movie had a good mystery to it. Was the guy she chose to ride to Delaware with planning some ill-intent against her? Or otherwise? Let's see how well others can be in their predictions of this mystery. I wasn't spot on with my own. I suppose you may say some things like 'I would have done this or that' while watching this movie, but most horror movies have some 'stupid' factor played into the plot, silly choices being made to cause more 'horror' effect, ya know? Yes, the college dude has a'weirdness' factor he initially displays as he goes about his business listening to her attitude as he seems somewhat 'abnormal' to her. Which one is crazy? You'll have to watch and see for yourself. I watched it, it was good, it needed HD for the best effect, the plot was good, the ending was not expected, watch it in HD though! That's all.

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