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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rduke72 10 / 10 / 10

If you liked Anvil, you're gonna LOVE this

Just came back from an advance screening by the Cinefamily in Los Angeles. Don't take it lightly when I state this is one of the best documentaries in recent years. It's the portrait of a man known to many simply as "The Angriest Man in the World," and it's a story of redemption, humanity, and oddly enough, an examination of comedy - what we're laughing at and how it affects those that become the object of our amusement. It's best to simply know the premise and little else going in. Jack Rebney was the star of a viral video titled "Winnebago Man" before there even were such things. His profane tirades were passed around from VHS to VHS for years and are now readily available on YouTube. Documentary filmmaker Ben Steinbauer took it upon himself to find Ben, who was essentially living off the grid, and find him he does. What unfolds is at first funny and fascinating and eventually profound. It's easy to dismiss those in the videos you email back and forth each day, but "Winnebago Man" shows that there might be a compelling story there, and it might not be what you think. Over the course of the film, Jack more than redeems himself, and his journey becomes our own. This isn't a film where we're made to feel bad about our actions or even feel bad for Jack. It merely asks us to think about the things we do and what they mean to those around us. And if something that we disregard as trivial becomes much more to others, was it ever so trivial to begin with? Should we embrace that? This is just one layer in a movie that is alternately hysterical, sad, and ultimately hopeful. Above all it is humane. I'm not sure who's distributing it or when, but I can't imagine someone walking away from the movie without a smile on their face. That is, of course, unless you're easily offended by profanity. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by aerodc 4 / 10 / 10

Incredibly Touching And Entertaining Documentary

Winnebago Man is a hands-down great film. For documentary lovers, this is a true winner. It has a great subject, and the emerging story was excellent. It's amazing what an interesting person Jack Rebney is and how much he represents. In a day and age of technology, how does one address the situation of Internet fame (for better or worse)? This film is a great testament to human nature. Winnebago Man had me literally laughing out loud and also had me holding back tears. Sometimes even just listening to Rebney talk is funny in its own regard. Other moments were touching in how they represented the up and down nature of life. I think you'd have to be stone-hearted to not enjoy Winnebago Man.

Reviewed by c131a 4 / 10 / 10

Wasted opportunity

Well if you are reading this, I am assuming that you already know what the documentary is about, so I will not cliff the storyline for you here.......... It's a great setup for a documentary, angry old guy, internet sensation, has a sort of cult following etc but the filmmakers let it all go to waste. After getting lucky and be actually able to find and reach this guy, they simply do not let him talk. It seems like all they wanted him to do was do the same thing he did on those infamous tapes, what's the point of that?....... You do not get to know the man through this documentary at all, not sure why this film is praised so much, certainly tricked me into watching it that's for sure. At one point the filmmakers wanted him to talk about his childhood and life and such and he informs them that he would rather talk about his political beliefs and why this country is going to hell and such and they simply stop the interview. Yes you read that right; they simply stop the interview and end it right then and there. Are you kidding me? Think of all the gems of wisdom we missed, all his wacky political theories, maybe some conspiracy theories, all lost in time now, never to be found again. By doing that the filmmakers simply gave us an extended "where are they now" sort of update. Hey say your catchphrase again for the audience; hey announce our radio station in a 2 second sound bite sort of thing. You do not need a documentary for that. The filmmakers should be ashamed of themselves for this wasted opportunity and lapse of judgment and turning this into a childish hehehehe session. What a letdown.

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