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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by GL84 8 / 10 / 10

Enjoyable enough but still somewhat flawed

Heading out deep into the wilderness, a group of friends trying to have fun at a secluded lake finds the area being stalked by a gigantic, monstrous alien intent on killing the world's population and must rely on the help of several demented locals to defeat the creature and get out alive. This here wasn't all that bad an effort. One of the finer points of this one is the fact that there's quite an impressive main alien setup to be the featured here. Not only does it get this right with the imposing size and incredibly deformed features that truly resonate as being otherworldly, this starts off on a great note in regards to the rest of the film where the creature is given even more to really enjoy here. From the continuous point-of-view shots of the creature stalking them in the woods to the ingenious weapon it has featured where it uses flying organic spheres like a frisbee to drink the blood of those it comes into contact with. This is an incredibly fun feature that adds a lot to the main alien as the overall package has plenty to like about it. As well, this one really has a lot to like with the fine action stalking here, from the multiple attacks on the hunters at the lake to the creature stalking the Boy Scouts by the river and the discovery of the dead bodies in the abandoned shack in the wilderness that clues everyone onto the proceedings happening around them. The attack in the forest is somewhat enjoyable with the flying creature emerging and the different antics needed to finally escape once they realize the characters been compromised which provides some decent action scenes. Even the finale offers some rather intriguing moments with the explosive resolution to end it and some minor suspense moments to battle the creature back. Alongside the stellar cheesiness of the characters trying to keep their stories straight, these here are what hold this one up over it's few minor flaws. The one big issue with the film is the rather overlong setups that is one has which tends to make it run a little longer than necessary. Way too many of the scenes here go on much longer than necessary and it drags the film's pacing and running time all out of proportion, starting with the opening attack on the hunters or the extended amount of time with the crazed gas- station owner which just drags this one out longer than it needs to. Even longer are scenes of the group panicking in the diner where it gets to everyone spending way too much time trying to determine if his story checks out so the story drags out a little further. Likewise, this one manages to keep the alien off-screen for much of the running time and basically has just the one scene at the end to really get to see it in full-on view despite the glimpses offered beforehand which fill in the blanks. It really could've used a few more scenes of it to really make an impact, and is what holds this one back. Rated R: Graphic Violence, Language and Nudity.

Reviewed by fstammen 6 / 10 / 10

Predator 0.5 beta

I re-watched this movie recently because it made a great impression on me back in the days. It predates Predator but is very similar in story: an alien hunter comes to earth to bag him some humans. The movie starts off with the alien going to work quickly bagging him two hunters and a boy scout leader. The boy scouts also see the alien and run away screaming. Here the low budget and B status show, the kids clearly are not screaming but they dubbed the screams and errrr, overdoing it somewhat. Also 4 young adults want to go swim in a lake in the mountains. On their way they need to gas up the van and they meet Sarge, a veteran who does not need character development: he is clearly psyched. In the toilet the youths see a line written on the wall, check the movie because it will be revealed later on what it means. Also the gas station owner is a hunter and the youths are looking at the dead animals hanging on the walls. This is also a link to what the alien is doing because it does not take long for 2 of the kids being bagged and the other 2 go look for them, finding a shed in the woods. Then the alien tries to bag them too but they manage to escape in the van after the obligatory "it does not start" scenes. They flee to a bar were Sarge and some other people hang out and they inform the police. Here some more standard B movie stuff happens, like the electricity falling out at the same time the sheriff walks in while the Sarge is wielding a gun to go hunt for the alien. Also the standard stuff happens when the 2 youths find a vacation house to hide in and the alien comes to visit there too. The final scene also shows the B part, the acting is a little cheesy and the situation is not too believable since the alien seems to be like a scarecrow just standing around. But there is a lot of suspense in this movie and the concept of an alien hunting people using the flying meat discs from Star Trek is also cool. So go watch this movie as it's one of the better B SF horror movies from around that time.

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 6 / 10 / 10

If it bleeds, we can kill it.

Four teens—Beth, Tom, Sandy and Greg (Lynn Theel, David Caruso, Tarah Nutter and Christopher S. Nelson)—ignore creepy gas station owner Taylor (Jack Palance) when he warns them not to go up to the lake. They regret their decision when they find themselves stalked by a tall creature that flings deadly organic frisbees at them. As much as I admire John McTiernan's 1987 Arnie classic Predator, I have to admit that the film bears more than a passing resemblance to 1980 sci-fi/horror Without Warning. Not only is the plot suspiciously similar—an alien arrives on Earth to hunt humans—but the performer playing the extraterrestrial hunter is the very same person who played the Predator: 6'9" Kevin Peter Hall. Of course, Without Warning isn't the flawless, testosterone fuelled, action-fest that is Predator: for much of the time the plot goes nowhere, with the teen protagonists stumbling from one location to another pursued by both the dome-headed ET and a loopy, gun-toting ex-soldier, Fred 'Sarge' Dobbs (played to the hilt by Martin Landau); meanwhile, Taylor plans to kill the beast. There's some fun to be had from the wonky alien frisbees, which fly awkwardly through the air and sport burrowing tentacles and gnashing teeth, but a lot of the running time is spent with the characters doing just that: running. The film ends in a manner that is, once again, eerily similar to Predator: Taylor prepares a booby trap and lures the alien by shouting 'come on!'. Coincidence? I think not. 6.5 out of 10 for the gloopy effects and Dean Cundey's great cinematography (unlike many a low budget horror, we can actually see what is going on in the dark), rounded down to 6 for killing off bikini babe Beth too quickly.

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