Words and Pictures

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Amy Brenneman as Carol
Clive Owen as Dovidl
Juliette Binoche as Suzanne
Keegan Connor Tracy as Elizabeth Parsons
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by davidandeileen 9 / 10 / 10

A surprisingly good film

Both the leading stars are 5* in this movie . The dialoge deliciously witty, sharp & clever and Honest. the film combines humour and poignancy smoothly and without , The relationship between the 2 protagonists starts coldly but slowly warms for 3/4 of the film so they finally become involved in an affair.Regrettably until a catastrophic incident occurs between them destroying their mutual love and admiration. It collapses to sub zero ! Finally at the end, with no clichés just warmth, We were surprised that most of the searches for reviews did not give any opinions at all. their difference are resolved happiy. A quietly impressive film that should be enjoyed by a much wider audience. Both the direction, visuals and sound where good and the majority of the actors where good.

Reviewed by jsrobinson132 3 / 10 / 10

A Literary Banquet for This Writer

Words and Pictures was an absolute delight for a lover of words. Clive Owen made a wonderful impact with an excellent flurry of dialogue as a teacher trying to inspire his students into relishing storytelling and writing pieces that create magnificent word pictures or poetry/prose that touches your soul. Juliette Binoche was just as inspiring, not only beautifully portraying an interesting character but actually creating all the fabulous artwork herself for her part in the main storyline. Doing it while trying to portray a character with a disability made for even more acclaim and she certainly had interesting implements to bring these eye catching pieces into being. The playoff between these two teachers made for great entertainment, especially with the underlying storyline of two flawed educators trying to overcome major hurdles in their own lives while assisting students facing a variety of difficult situations in their own worlds on how to cope. The rhythm of the language was both poignant and inspiring, and easily able to keep me in the 'words corner' of this comedic showdown, although the major painting at the heart of the ending was a feast for the eyes and deserves a huge round of applause for this talented actress/painter. And I found a great word game to play in the car on a long roadtrip, although you'll have to watch the movie yourself to learn what it is. A thoroughly entertaining movie with lots of comedy, a touch of sadness, acres of frustration for a man with a tragic habit and a romance to make you smile.

Reviewed by Tom Watkins 3 / 10 / 10

Dripping with sarcasm, disrespect, and "hope my teenager is not like that"

What is the meaning of a movie that displays a very talented English teacher and writer as an alcoholic who is obnoxious, unlikeable, and totally wasting his life / talent away because he is addicted to alcohol. Why not just watch someone puking his guts (life) out for 90 minutes. Very sad if this is what interests you. What is the point ? Lots of very poor character traits shown in the students, and spineless administration that lets the kids get away with this. Yes, the movie portrays reality, but not the healthy side. Look for something else to do with your time. Suggestions: Radio, Listen to your Heart, Unconditional, The Odd Life of Timothy Green, Ring the Bell, and The Mighty, to name a few. All display healthy reality shows of characters that have handicaps, but overcome them with strength, determination, humor, and honesty. Support traits that make society better, not those that bring people down to the gutter.

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