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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by brucenadler 10 / 10 / 10

funny & quirky indie with a dark edge

This is a damn funny little flick chock-full of great character actors in lead and supporting roles. The most recognizable faces include Geoffrey Arend (Snozzberries!) and Katherine Erbe (from Oz and Stir of Echoes), but there's a ton of others, including many people you know you know from somewhere but can't necessarily place it. There's Larry Fessenden (the first kill in You're Next), Deanna Russo (the first kill in Rest Stop), Kristen Connolly (the final girl from Cabin in the Woods), Cody Horn (tough End of Watch chick), and Richard Tanne (dude who gets eaten alive in Swamp Shark). It's a lot of fun just going through the film and figuring out where you know everyone from. Tanne and Noah Barrow (a newcomer) give the strongest performances. They star as two childhood friends who re-unite in their 20s when one gets into a car accident and needs a live-in helper. That probably makes it sound like an uplifting drama but quite the opposite. It's a demented comedy that lives somewhere between a Kevin Smith film and a Wes Anderson film. Maybe with a little Todd Solondz sprinkled in. Loved it!

Reviewed by gavin6942 9 / 10 / 10

Funny At First, Then Increasingly Serious

When Jake (Richard Tanne) is injured in a car accident, the only person willing to take care of him is his childhood friend Sam (Noah Barrow). With the aid of a tough-as-nails physical therapist (Cody Horn), Sam helps Jake recuperate, but when Sam's high school crush (Kristen Connolly) enters the picture, old habits and bitter rivalries resurface, threatening to tear their friendship apart. While there are no A-list stars in this film, it has more than enough A-minus stars to make up the differences. Plenty of faces you will recognize, even if you are not quite sure why. The biggest name is likely Kristen Connolly, a regular on "House of Cards". And then there is Larry Fessenden, something of a living legend for writing, directing and acting in independent features. The writer must be commended, for not only making the story interesting and humorous, but including references to "Rear Window" and "Misery", as well as (apparently) Wendell McAdams, a pinball machine creator. For reasons unknown, audiences love to pick up hints of a shared reference. While the first half of the film deserves a 7, it ultimately gets only a 6 because of the rest of the film. For as great as it starts, and as humorous as it is, it becomes rather serious as the story progresses. Now, of course, there is some moral to the story that must be told, but it comes at the cost of viewing enjoyment. Still a worthwhile film, overall, and one that should do well.

Reviewed by playsandpictures 9 / 10 / 10

More than meets the eye

This is a very interesting movie that seemed to be billed as a comedy, but is really more of a drama with moments of dark comedy here and there. It explores male friendship is a unique and complex manner by presenting two young guys who are dependent on each other in ways they're not even aware of. What makes their friendship more disturbing is the implication that they've been unwittingly harming each other emotionally since they were little kids. The central question of the movie is whether or not they will be able to break out of their toxic patterns. This is territory usually reserved for relationship movies between men and women, which makes it unusual and refreshing for a movie about male friendship. The two lead actors give strong performances and the film is beautifully composed for such an obviously low-budget affair. The story never takes the easy or cliché route, and while it may not have the Hollywood ending you're expecting, it resonated with me long after I finished watching.

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