Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort


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December 13, 2020



Aqueela Zoll as Cameron Hicks
Chris Jarvis as Jackson
Roxanne Pallett as Jillian
Sadie Katz as Megan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by edie_wojciechowski 1 / 10 / 10

Not that great...

A lot of sex and some gore doesn't make this a good movie. You can see clearly that the budget of this one was pretty much the same as part 3, 4 and 5. A lot of unknown and not really great English actors and actress. I think the story was too much over the top, Declan, the director of the previous three parts, just let the story simple (how the original also was). I love boobs, of course, but the nudity in this one is just too much and adds nothing to the story. Some special effects are nice, but really nothing more than that. If you like part 3, 4 and 5 you probably like this one too. But not really something for me.

Reviewed by Landkrabben 1 / 10 / 10

Where did the storyline go?

A pretty bad movie. Nothing more. I am a big fan of the series, number 1 was my absolute favorite, i like the prequel they started in number 4 but number 5 was weird but still made sense in the "storyline" of the other films. But what the hell is up with this one? It does not make any sense what so ever, it has absolutely nothing to do with the previous movies other than the 3 inbred brothers. It pisses me of, but i hope they are putting more sense to it in the 7th movie and explains what exactly was going on in this one. A random guy who inherit a hotel and is somehow related to the 3 brothers, a small "town" in the middle of the woods with a whole bunch of inbreeds and a weird and creepy brother and sister running the hotel. But where the hell has their dad gone? I was hoping this would tie the prequels together with the original trilogy somehow like the last "final destination" maybe the ending could have been the brothers view from the opening scene at the 1st one with the mountaineering. But no we just get a movie that has absolutely nothing to do with the rest.

Reviewed by xsophietaylorx 1 / 10 / 10


The 'Wrong Turn' franchise has basically been sliding down hill since the first one but this film is so utterly awful I question how it was even released. There is absolutely no story line at all, pointless nudity & pointless gore. This film is just an excuse to throw sex and gore together with no story. The cast are all un known actors which you can tell by their appalling acting. The whole film is just this mash up off terrible acting and pointlessness. If you're willing to waste nearly two hours of your life watching this then go ahead. IMDb have rated this 4/10 stars this is completely wrong it literally scrapes a 1 literally scrapes it I don't even know how I a managed to sit through the film? Really if you value your brain cells do not waste your time.

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