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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thefendiprint 3 / 10 / 10


I seem to be finding rather mixed reviews about this movie everywhere and I just felt it necessary to write my own review. First off, the movie itself has so many flaws that it's nearly impossible to take seriously. I really wanted to like this movie, as I do have an interest in Hayley Kiyoko and Sarah Hyland, and because I love other movies with similar aesthetics (Spring Breakers, for example) but I guess they could only work with what they had. I don't understand why either of them would stoop to this level of garbage, but sure enough they did. Money is more important than substance. The writing. The writing is so god awful that it's almost painful to watch it play out on- screen. The acting was obviously not top-notch but I blame that mostly on the terrible script itself. The characters were stereotypical and had very little redeeming qualities, not to mention they were so thinly written that you could care less about what happens to any of them. The story itself was also bad; nothing that exciting happened throughout the entire film and there were so many moments that randomly turned into an entirely aesthetic-fueled music video. In addition, the script seemed to find it very difficult to find any balance between negative and positive exploitation of the EDM festival scene. I constantly kept asking myself, "Is this trying to mock festival goers or is it trying to embrace them?" The only redeeming qualities about this movie was the music (as an EDM fan, I did appreciate the soundtrack choices). The only other thing I would say was moderately decent was the visuals. Many of the visuals were well-done while some were very cheesy, so it was a mixed bag in that department. I was looking forward to this movie and was extremely disappointed because they could have done so much more with the story. Overall, I would not recommend this movie unless you simply want to watch it for the aesthetics, visuals and music. Do NOT expect a good story going into it and you may end up liking it more than I did.

Reviewed by niahklotz 4 / 10 / 10

From the perspective of someone who attends these events, the movie was very enjoyable, albeit a bit predictable.

Let me start by saying that I am a raver, a DJ, and a straight edge, meaning I don't drink, smoke, or do any sorts of drugs at these events. Just to give you a bit of perspective on where I'm coming from. Personally, I really enjoyed this movie. It captured very well the many different aspects of festival culture, from the bro-tank crowd, to the slutty girls, to the people only there to take an extreme amount of drugs, to the people who come to enjoy the music and hardly if at all participate in the party scene. The chaos and bliss of walking around a massive, multi-staged arena of people who are just there to enjoy themselves in the best way they know how, dancing to the music that we all love. Even the shocking and thrilling experience of running into your best friend in the middle of a crowd, in a festival with 24,000 people in it, something that has actually happened to me, as unlikely as that sounds. The depiction of PLUR was a bit cheesy, not that there is really a non-cheesy way to portray that element. The film also captured a bit of DJ culture, and the constant struggle between the people who are in it for the music vs. the fame, which I appreciated, although that might not resonate so much with the general audience. With a solid combination of outright, and background comedy (pay attention to side characters that are being talked over), and serious plot, this movie is a good example of what a 'dramedy' should be. Without spoiling anything, the plot has enough twists to keep you engaged, although it does grow a bit predictable as it goes. Some parts did seem a bit forced, plot-wise, but that's to be expected in film nowadays. I would have liked if the film had more diversity in the music, as it was almost entirely main- stage house in the soundtrack, but to be fair, that is the only type of EDM that really works with general audiences, so I understand why they choose to stick so closely to the genre. If you've never been to a festival, do not by any means form your opinion of what they are like on this movie, but if you have, sit back and enjoy, and let XOXO take you back to what is, for many people, the most surreal and magical few days of their entire lives.

Reviewed by stonyandre 4 / 10 / 10

1 hour and 30 minute of clichés

So many clichés that i had to finish the movie in 3 sessions. The biggest cliché. The love interest. She meets the guy and hes of course dumbfounded and cant speak. Shes all smiley and we already know that these 2 are getting together. But wait, shes got another guy shes meeting and rejects our hero because hes an awkward little boy, who stutters a lot, and has 100% Prakinsons making it impossible to insert a USB-stick. And also he f#*ks up his set, and I'm sitting here like awwww, this is gonna end so badly for him. Like embarrassed on his behalf. But lo and behold, he manages to pull of a good set at the last minut of the movie, like just before the end with all the scrolling names. Shiit, talk about perfect timing. And he also gets the girl, because hes a bigtime DJ now. Golddigger. And also, wtf is up with the couple going into the sewers? 1st they lose the tickets because riot, naturally. Then they go into the sewers. Then they get lost, take a nap, break up, get back together and magically finds the ladder they need just around the corner. 5deep3me man. Edgy story. Only reason i give it 3 of 10 is because of Tariq and his drug overdose that gives him a great revelation. No its not, its because he crawled into a RentaLoo and that was a true wtf moment for me. OK, ill give it 4 of 10 because they got the stereotypes of rave correctly.

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