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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by 3xHCCH 2 / 10 / 10

An Insulting Sequel to the Iconic Original

Gyeon-woo is back, but without the original Girl anymore. This situation opened up the opportunity for him to meet and hook up with another "sassy" (also unnamed) girl. (He is really a masochistic sort, isn't he?) Anyhow, this girl is Chinese this time, knows her marital arts and her cameras, They actually get married here in a charming indigenous ceremony. Conflict arises when Gyeon-woo gets a job at a tech company with an abusive boss. His Wife will not take that abuse sitting down, but will Gyeon-woo appreciate her for it? Sad to say, watching "The New Sassy Girl" right after watching "My Sassy Girl" just emphasized just how bad this sequel by director Jo Geun-sik is. The comedy was terribly flat all the way, with nothing memorable that sticks at all. Even the romantic conflict is very lame, practically just tacked on without any emotional impact. The age of Cha Tae-hyun (already 40 years old now) shows, and his attempt to recapture his 2001 charm was largely ineffective. While she is pretty, Victoria Song (as the new Sassy) could not really measure up to the high level set by Jun Ji-hyun in the first film, in both charm and performance. Her role was very poorly developed. I thought this sequel did not really need to happen. It was but an insult to the former's memory. 2/10.

Reviewed by Rifat_Sharna 3 / 10 / 10

Don't compare it with "My Sassy Girl (2001)", even don't treat it as a sequel ! :)

What I feel after watching this movie is that- even "Windstruck (2004)" had much more authentic relation with "My Sassy Girl" , got original "sassy girl heroine" cast and director (Kwak Jae-young)- was much emotional melodrama too ^_^ . So if you haven't watched that prequel-like movie yet, better watch it first, then come to grab this "My New Sassy Girl (2016)"! Now, coming to the point- Asian blockbuster hit- Korean classic movie "My Sassy Girl (2001)" didn't need any sequel actually- long ago it's got a satisfying ending! But after 13-14 years, two Chinese-Korean production companies came up to make a sequel- mainly to grab Chinese market, actually to draw attention of emotional Chinese audiences! So you see- in this Korean movie the heroine is a Chinese girl, necessarily and unnecessarily a lot of Chinese dialogues are delivered here and there, even the couple is seen to roam about mainly in China! Whatever, only the hero of original movie remained the same. So what to do- first of all, they spoiled original ending of movie, made the original sassy girl as nun and sent her to monastery! Although sassy girl Jun Ji-Hyun had no physical presence in this movie, her 'girl' character was trolled several times. But this sassy girl fans (including me!), don't be disappointed, just take it as satire/comedy and try to enjoy the rest! :) However, several years after being dumped by sassy girl, hero Gyunwoo met his first love-who is nobody but a new Chinese sassy girl! Despite her rude attitude-he fall for her and eventually they got married! (Ah, again- don't relate this to original "Sassy Girl", from this segment- it's better to take it as totally a different movie except the presence of more idiotic hero Gyunwoo!) Cha Tae-Hyun (Gyunwoo) acted according to the plot-but he's very much stupid and pretty dumb character here- more than "My Sassy Girl"- and it's no more fun to see such humiliation of his character! And new sassy girl- rookie actress Victoria- perhaps she tried hard in her own way to capture a little bit sassiness - but what to do- there's no reasonable foundation, just some unsparing & groundless imitation of previous "sassy girl (Jun Ji-Hyun)" - after all her character is poorly executed here. Even the plot had not much depth actually, sometimes it went beyond logic that tried poorly to relate with original "My Sassy Girl"- so you see-it's overall a forgettable movie! So for this Chinese-Korean joint venture production "My New Sassy Girl"- don't compare it with original one or treat it as any sequel - just treat it as a mild comedy-romance movie -6 out of 10 rating from pretty optimistic view! Watch, enjoy the trolls, leave and eventually forget the most of it! :)

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 3 / 10 / 10

15 years later and not sassy at all...

I happened to find "Yeob-gi-jeok-in geu-nyeo 2" (aka "My New Sassy Girl") by random luck while browsing from a Collection of Asian movies. I really enjoyed the 2001 original South Korean "My Sassy Girl". At first I must admit that I was somewhat baffled about a sequel popping up 15 years after the original movie. But still, since the first movie was so fantastic and entertaining, I did of course give this 2015 sequel a chance as well and sat down to watch it. First of all, I must say that "Yeob-gi-jeok-in geu-nyeo 2" is rather slow paced and fairly uneventful in comparison to its predecessor. And this sequel was also frightfully devoid of anything even remotely close to being as hilarious as the events and situations in the first movie. "Yeob-gi-jeok-in geu-nyeo 2" seems awfully forced and scripted, and it lacks a natural flow to the storyline. And the lack of comedy was also serving as an achor around the Progress of the movie. In fact I don't think that I actually laughed a single time throughout the course of this sequel. The acting in "Yeob-gi-jeok-in geu-nyeo 2" was adequate, and both Victoria Song and Tae-hyun Cha were doing good jobs in their roles, but they were severely hindered by an inadequate script. However, the characters seemed equally forced and staged as the script and storyline. The charisma, personalities and lovable demeanor of the characters in the first movie were nowhere to be found in the sequel. It was gut wrenching to witness the unfolding of the scene where they were copying or parodying "In the Mood for Love". If you enjoyed the 2001 "My Sassy Girl" movie, then you should try to avoid sitting down to Watch the 2015 "My New Sassy Girl", because it is nowhere near the same level of entertainment as the first movie, and it feels like they are two very different movies. This is a sequel that was by no means necessary, nor did it add anything to the legacy of the 2001 movie. I gave up halfway through the movie, because it was a long, slow paced tirade of uneventful scenes and the lack of comedy just didn't work for me. This was a huge disappointment, and it is definitely a movie that I will not be returning to finish at any time later on.

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