You Killed My Mother

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April 3, 2019


Ashley Jones as Princess Gwendolyn
Noam Jenkins as David Barrett
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rayray-59027 4 / 10 / 10

What's with the 80s MULLET?!

I could barely concentrate on this movie because of how horrifying the main characters wig was. I hope that wasn't her real hair... poor thing! The acting was so exaggerated?! I'm a Lifetime movie fanatic, but please let the wardrobe and glam squad know it's hard to focus with this massive 80s mullet and forced acting in the way.

Reviewed by CpOhUeRnToNiExY-1 3 / 10 / 10

Holy Bad Wig, Batman!!!

As an LMN addict, I've seen my share of movies. I couldn't even deal with this one. The main character's wig is the most HORRID thing I have ever laid eyes on. I couldn't even concentrate on the plot. At first I thought she was wearing some sort of disguise, no y'all, they really had this lady walking around with an 80ish, trucker type mullet!!!

Reviewed by Prismark10 3 / 10 / 10

Blown away

Another silly and melodramatic Lifetime movie. Jo Flay's mother is seriously ill and in need of a liver transplant. However as the mother is an alcoholic, she does not qualify for the transplant. Jo gets irate that her mother would die and attacks one of the nurses in the hospital. She is soon arrested and imprisoned. When she is released, she vows revenge on the people who refused to treat her mother. Luckily for Jo her father was an ace arsonist who taught her things like how to make a light bulb give off a toxic gas and then explode. The disturbed Jo goes on a murder spree with some deaths that are deviously constructed. She also befriends the teenage son of the hospital administrator as she plans to kill him. Actress Carlena Britch who plays Jo has a bad hair day. If the producers spent some time working on the script , this could had been a passable film. The film is made in such as plain, mundane manner. The film soon ends after the choppily edited climax. I guess they run out of money.

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