You've Been Trumped Too



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Donald Trump as Himself
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jeremy_Urquhart 6 / 10 / 10

It's a shame it felt rushed, because this had potential to be a great documentary

It's pretty decent, but also slightly disappointing, because this could have been great. Its timeliness was its greatest asset, given that it took place during the crazy year of 2016 (which of course was upended by Tw*nty-Tw*nty, mind you), among Trump's inevitably successful run for President. Yet its timeliness may have also been its greatest undoing, as it feels rushed. It's short, the editing feels awkward sometimes, and it's just a little off as a whole... despite some very good parts here and there. The personal focus on a couple of people from Scotland was a good call, and it was nice that they got a brief interview with Trump himself this time round. While it builds well off the first, it also uses quite a lot of footage from that film, making me think it was done to fill some time. So mixed feelings... with a bit more work, it could've been great, but then maybe it wouldn't have been released until 2017, so double-edged sword kind of deal...

Reviewed by nicerfro 10 / 10 / 10

The consequence, in a microcosm, of Trump's attitude

The documentary maker's agenda in this film is clear. It has been edited as such and the majority of the film takes sides with those who oppose Trump's development on the east coast of Scotland. However, that withstanding, you cannot come away from this film feeling any sympathy for Trump or his organisation. The time that is given to Trump's side to allow them to explain their action is exactly enough for them to be 'hoist with their own petard'. It is heartbreaking to see folks with such simple means trying to get on with their lives, which is doubtless hard enough, with out the daily pressure and deprivation created by Trumps organisation. If you thought the storming of the capitol raised your hackles then you will be incensed by the end of this film, or you should be at least.

Reviewed by jackpaulden 10 / 10 / 10

Legal Theft

"Legal Theft" or "You've been Right-Wing-Christianized Too" would be acceptable alternate titles for this incredible documentary. When you can watch with "eyes wide shut" hatred take from the poor, and give to the Rich, you realize you've been Right Wing Christianized Too. However, convincing Trump Fans to watch this movie, is perhaps similar to asking the Pope to become a Protest(ant), and Protest--- himself, as Fox News would not allow it. Thank you to the film maker(s), and Molly and all, for the prophesy that is best proven after the fact. To see this documentary now proves that prophesy is a reality based on instinct in this case. Right Wing Christians have followed the Pied-Piper over the cliff, and if there is a safety net to catch them based on faith, it is-as yet- to be discovered, as was the broken underground pipe in the documentary, that became President of these United States!

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