Zombie Night

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Alan Ruck as Tener
Anthony Michael Hall as Tommy Doyle
Daryl Hannah as Jane
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jandarealtordave 1 / 10 / 10


Oh Shirley Jones...how far you've fallen. The feigned constant terror from her was pretty horrible. I thought Anthony Michael hall might have been cast in a decent movie but every part of this movie was bad. The zombie makeup was decent but that was about it. Nobody roots for the zombies unless the movie is sharknado quality. Syfy is not the bell-weather of great acting but this was simply unfortunate. Who has a gun and doesn't double tap everything that moans and groans?? Couldn't finish it

Reviewed by Uriah43 3 / 10 / 10

A Basic Zombie Film

This movie begins with a man named "Patrick Jackson" (Anthony Michael Hall) driving his daughter "Tracie" (Rachel G. Fox) and her friend "Rachel" (Meg Rutenberg) on a busy road when they come upon a gruesome car accident which has resulted in at least one fatality and the usual traffic jam which typically accompanies such an event. Somewhat concerned about the possibility of arriving late to their destination Patrick tells Tracie to call her boyfriend "Perry" (Daniel Ross Owens) so that nobody will worry. However, when she finally manages to get him on the phone she discovers that something has happened and that everybody seems to be in a state of panic. Because of that, Patrick decides to get off of the main road and take an alternate route back home. Unfortunately, while driving past a local graveyard he accidentally hits a person who wandered right in his path. Upon getting out of the car to investigate they soon realize that they are surrounded by zombies and have to act quickly in order to save themselves. In any case, as the movie progresses they learn that the zombies were mysteriously activated by the dark of night and for some reason are alternately deactivated by the sunlight. So in order to survive all they need to do is avoid being killed until the next morning. Of course, for the characters involved that is easier said then done. Be that as it may, although I found this to be a rather basic zombie picture for the most part, the one problem I had with it was the lack of character development due in large part to all of the non-stop action. Yet in spite of the major flaw just mentioned, I don't believe this film was necessarily bad by any means and having said that I consider it to be a reasonable addition to any zombie enthusiast's collection. Because of that I feel comfortable recommending it to those who enjoy films of this type and I have rated it accordingly. Average.

Reviewed by hwg1957-102-265704 3 / 10 / 10

The Director hasn't got a Clu

Zombie Nights is the story of zombies coming out for one night and various characters trying to avoid been bitten, eaten or generally killed off. Once dead the dead come back to life so you know people killed off early will re-appear later to add drama as they are killed again by a loved one poignantly. All this sounds good but unfortunately the film is a series of usual zombie tropes and an unsympathetic cast that are unconvincing in their roles so that one looks forward to seeing them getting eaten. There are many hilarious moments as the characters behave in monumentally stupid ways. Hiding in a glass greenhouse? Not running away when they easily can? Putting their children in a coffin? There is a comical scene where a girl is up a tree so to distract the zombie below she drops her shoe which interests the zombie then to make him go away she tosses her other shoe which he follows. Is this the first example of a zombie with a shoe fetish? Well at least that's different. The zombie make-up isn't too bad and the gore effects OK but apart from that this is a long night to sit through. It also wastes decent actors like Shirley Jones and Darryl Hannah. Ah, The Asylum.

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